1. C

    1st photo post

    If this works it will only because of the help Bas offers! View image in gallery View image in gallery
  2. boxxmaker

    My 1st pens

    Well I finally took the plunge and got started in making pens this week.Only took three yrs after the misses got me my starter kit.Can't remember the woods I used.I made two display racks out of Bacoti and mah.Now all I have ta do is figure out how to stop,there fun ta make.:gar-Bi
  3. S

    1st Project of Year: New Style Workbench

    As I do every year around this time, when it's too cold to spend any length of time in shop, I take an inventory of tools that did not make the grade (just didn't get enough use out of). They get Craiglisted (receipts gladly given :gar-Bi). Then use money to get new :tool:'s One item not...
  4. Canuck

    Grand Daughter's 1ST B'Day Present

    Well as all of my projects seem to do, they create some frustrations and teach me a lot but in the end everything ends up being ok by my standards in hopes that they will last a little while. I started by getting some awfully nice QSRO from Scott Smith back in early December. Being a real...
  5. kave

    My 1st project as a ncwoodworker

    Okay, I told you as was a rookie when I joined this site. Now I'll prove it. I just completed a paper clip/alligator tray for my office desk. The 1st picture was the inspiration for the project (hid it in my desk drawer but it was functional). The bottom was installed in the dado I cut in the...
  6. tray


    paper/clip tray
  7. tray


    paper/clip tray
  8. tray


    paper/clip tray
  9. tray - this was the inspiration

    tray - this was the inspiration

    paper/clip tray
  10. B

    New and 1st shop!

    After about two months of very hard work, ~ 75% by myself, I am ready to pour the concrete for my first workshop and/or man cave. I've been wanting to post for quite a while, but wanted to wait until I had something more substantive to show. Here you go! floorplan layout: View image in...
  11. 3D rendering of the shop

    3D rendering of the shop

  12. Floor plan

    Floor plan

  13. IMG_07513


  14. wrapped and ready to go!

    wrapped and ready to go!

  15. that's gonna be quite the footer

    that's gonna be quite the footer

  16. IMG_07201


  17. finally on to the plumbing!

    finally on to the plumbing!

  18. digging the footer

    digging the footer

  19. ~30 rise on the back-side

    ~30 rise on the back-side

  20. beginning to compact the slab

    beginning to compact the slab

    3-4 inches at a time by hand raking out from piles dumped by the skid loader (couldn't level with the skid loader due to sand) and compacting with plate compactor

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