1. eyekode

    Windsor stool

    One of the projects I would like to take on one day is a continuous arm Windsor chair. The engineering is impressive to me :). As a step in that direction I recently completed a stool for my workbench that is inspired by Windsor chair construction. The top is made from poplar and turned on...
  2. danmart77

    Windsor chair and walnut rifle

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Here is a windsor chair done with red paint base and black milk paint over the red. You can see a half stock Hawken rifle above. More photos for the curious...
  3. CDPeters

    Hello from Windsor (VA)

    Hello guys and gals, My name is Chris Peters and I live in Windsor, VA - about 30 miles due north of Gatesville for those of you not familiar. I'm 47, wife, 2 kids (teenage boys), 2 dogs (mutts) and a full time gig to pay the bills. Anyway, I do a little bit of everything from building the...
  4. tools: travisher and curved plane

    tools: travisher and curved plane

    seat carving tools
  5. bottom_comp


    compass plane. curved in 2 axii
  6. bowback with bamboo leg

    bowback with bamboo leg

    bowback note brace. red base black over the top
  7. Matching Continuous Arm Windsors

    Matching Continuous Arm Windsors

    The settee is crafted using traditional hand tools and methods along with some contemporary methods. It is finished with a three part oil and urethane mixture.
  8. Matching Continuous Arm Windsors

    Matching Continuous Arm Windsors

    The chairs are crafted using traditional hand tools and methods along with some contemporary methods. They are finished with the traditional milk paint topped with boiled linseed oil.
  9. Continuous Arm Windsor Chair

    Continuous Arm Windsor Chair

    Handcrafted continuous arm windsor using traditional methods. Constructed from hardwoods and finished with traditional milk paint in black.
  10. Combback Windsor Chair

    Combback Windsor Chair

    Handcrafted comback windsor using traditional methods. The seat is African Mahogany with Ash used on the remainder of the chair.
  11. J

    Poole and Williams Windsor Scratch Beader

    Here is a picture of a recent project. It is a Poole and Williams scratch beader. I got it without the blade of course. Made one along with a few blanks. It looks a little happier now.
  12. Larry Rose

    Fan Back Windsor Finished

    I got around to finishing the fan back windsor chair this week end. The finish is 2 coats of barn red milk paint, 3 coats of black milk paint, rubbed with 0000 steel wool and 200 grit sand paper, and a coat of Minwax Antique Oil. I included pics of the milk paint stages. That stuff is miserable...
  13. Windsor Sackback Settee

    Windsor Sackback Settee

    African Mahogany seat with Red Oak back and undercarriage. 48"L x 20"D x 36"H Handcrafted using a combination of traditional and contemporary methods.
  14. Larry Rose

    WIP Fanback Windsor Chair

    As ordered by SWMBO, I got started on the first of 2 chairs for our kitchen table (2 already inplace). The seat and back are roughed out and now I'll start on the legs and streachers. The seat is poplar, the spindles are red oak and the fan is white oak. More later.
  15. Larry Rose

    Windsor Finally

    After three months and several starts and stops and losing my religion I finally finished this chair. I broke the arm once and drilled a hole wrong twice but its over. This was my second one. Now LOML wants more.
  16. mshel

    Windsor Beader

    Just received my new Windsor #7 beader from Kansas City Windsor Tool Works today and man is it nice. Silicon Bronze and Honduran Rosewood with steel cutters. It is modeled after the original Poole & Williams design. In the past I have just made a scratch stock when I needed to make a bead and...
  17. Kyle

    Windsor Chair Class

    I spoke to Gill Milsap and he said he would be delighted to teach a class on Windsor Chair making. (John I think he wants to sign up for the Maloof style rocker class as well) Gil makes BEAUTIFUL windsor chairs from scratch. He also has a wealth of knowledge of sources for those that don't...

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