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  1. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak For Sale W/Pic

    I have at least 200 BF of beautiful kiln dried 5/4 red oak in 61" lengths. Very flat, straight and clear. Widths from 5" to 11". I am asking $2.00/BF but will discount the whole 200 BF for $350.00. If interested I can provide photos. Thanks for looking.
  2. PChristy

    Kit question(update w/pic)

    One of the kits that I have is missing the brass tube - it is longer then the extra ones that I have - would it be ok to take the shorter ones and piece them together in the blank and then cut it off - I don't see a problem but I thought that I would ask the experts first
  3. K

    Makita planer busted w/pic

    I was planing some of the QSWO I got from Scott when I I started having major gouges out of the wood. Got a look at the blades and saw this.. Something got under the blade and once it bulged a little it kept growing. I had to spend $60 and order new metal brackets that hold the blade. I tried...
  4. adowden

    Jewelry box w/pic

    My neighbor provided me with a plan and asked me to build a jewelry box for his daughter's college graduation present. He specifically wanted me to use red oak from a tree that had grown in our neighborhood. That was not a problem since we had a red oak tree attack our garden about three years...
  5. owen299

    Walnut Coffee table w/pic / finish question

    I have completed a coffee table for a family hunting cabin in the Mts. I thought it would be easier to finish before attaching to the trestle base. I 'm wondering:eusa_thin if a simple finish of several applications of Danish oil and then some wipe on poly (satin) would stand up and still look...
  6. A

    DC Auto-Gates **w/pic**

    I just received the pneumatic air valves I got off Ebay, so will be working on my automatic blast gates. The valves are currently ganged together in a manifold but can be broken down into individual units. They have 110V coils so I will power them directly from the tools. I will likely need...
  7. A

    No WW today!!!!!! Gotta tear down my . . . . *w/pic*

    planer. See, the UPS man just brought this little wooden crate to my door: Oh, did I mention that this was a gloat? Here is the new Bryd Shelix journal for my 15" Delta planer. It also came with an insert removal tool and 10 spare carbide inserts. So . . ...
  8. A

    Tablesaw topside dust collection . . . possible solution? *w/pic*

    I have never liked overarm tablesaw blade guards and dust pickups- for a couple of reasons. First, the piping gets in the way, second, too much bulky mounting hardware and plastic crap around and partially obscuring the blade, and not too good at capturing the dust. So I have never used one...
  9. A

    Lumber Rack done. . . . second thoughts *w/pic*

    I cleaned out my local Lowes- bought their last 3 10' lengths of 1/2" galvanized pipe, but as you can see, I still need a few more pieces. Anyway, the rack came out great, as designed, should be fine to hold lots of wood. The problem is I don't think I like it. After loading some some...
  10. A

    Spray rig helper *w/pic*

    I got tired of trying to find a place to set my spray gun down and repeatedly kicking my pressure pot. I was watching a TV doctor show which gave me an idea- so ordered this. It is a standard IV pole. I got a new one on Ebay- it was cheaper than a used one from the local medical supply store. It...

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