1. mpholway

    Sanding a tabletop (slab)

    Hello all, I have a 36x48 table top that I would like to run through a belt sander. In the past I would have taken it to the Hardwood Store of NC but they have changed their policy and will only provide sanding services for wood that was purchased at their store. On this particular project I...
  2. W

    Four Sided Chamfer tabletop Panel

    First off I’m not sure how better to explain what I am trying to explain besides the current title - so my apologies in advance. I was watching a YouTube video and saw a design which I haven’t seen before. The A Glimpse Inside channel created a coffee table for March of Dimes but chamfered every...
  3. W

    Tabletop Endgrain Butcher Block Specs

    I have been considering a butcher block as my next project. I would love to create a butcher block island, but I think that project is a little on the advanced side for my experience. So I am opting to test my skills on a table top block as a possible gift. I have a few questions I am hoping...
  4. Jim Murphy

    Tips on securing tabletop breadboard

    Darn... it turned out much better than expected. SO.... I know I need to glue and pin the center board, but any tips or tricks on pinning the outer edges? REMEMBER, we're dealing with discount walnut here. (Wow...I had a B eye Tee Sea Haitch of a time getting enough of Charlie's walnut to...
  5. img_0012


  6. img_00112


  7. S

    Inlay tabletop finished

    Finally! My first inlay project other than just a small straight strip of contrasting wood. I learned I don't have the patience for this type work and its to hot for tedious work. Inlay was cut from Walnut, cut on scroll saw as one piece and scribed onto the Maple with exacto knife and then...
  8. C

    need coffee tabletop made

    I would like to get a simple small coffee table (shaker style)... or just table top, made out of some cherry boards that were cut on my property about 10 years ago. Does not need to be finished - just put together. I do not have the tools to do it. Hoping to find someone in the Apex, Cary...
  9. Shayne

    Tabletop question

    I am building a table that will serve as an entertainment center. The table top will be six foot wide and about 18 inches deep and 1 inch thick. Directly under the top I'm putting a shelf which is a little smaller to hold all my A/V components. There will be vertical panels on each side and...
  10. R

    true-up a re-glued round tabletop

    I am refinishing a friend's oak table. The glue joints were all failing in the top. I separated the joints and cleaned them up (32nd or so) on the jointer. Reglued them all, but obviously they don't quite fit back the way they were since they are all skinnier. I need to return this table to...

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