1. Sign for LOML, oven push-pull sticks, painting pyramids

    Sign for LOML, oven push-pull sticks, painting pyramids

    oven push-pull sticks, painting pyramids
  2. Larry Rose

    Hello from the sticks

    I quess I never did officialy do this so here goes. I'm a 62 yr old semi retired coowner of a highway const. business based here in Ahoskie. I grew up in Jonesville Yadkin Co. and we moved east in 1966. My interest in woodworking began by watching my dad in his shop. After I got married, I...
  3. lottathought

    Ferrules for Walking Sticks

    I am currently reading a book on making walking sticks and canes. I am about to the point where I am going to start making one and I need to locate a good place to get the ferrules. Does anybody have any ideas on a good place to get these?
  4. DCP00797


    Avatar before being painted
  5. Jim Murphy

    Wanna make pool sticks? Sometimes it's not typed correctly, but this time, it really is a wooden laze. Need one? Oh, the tools will cost extra. Kinda hard to make table legs and those pool sticks with no laze tools, though. While you're on CL, you might need an...
  6. fivestring

    Story Sticks

    I make em and use em a lot. Cuts down on measurement mistakes. BUT........... if you have an extra $35 laying around......
  7. PeteM

    Robert's Sticks and Canes

    Robert Arrowood stopped by on Saturday and brought along some of his twisty hiking sticks and canes. Very cool stuff. He collects the trees, dries them and carves them. It's always good to meet another NCWW'er. He pickup up his new (old) camera and left me with a very nice dogwood cane. pete
  8. Splinter

    Turned Pens from Tobacco Sticks

    I met Dozer (Mike) today near Clayton and picked up the 7 pens he made for me from Tobacco Sticks. They are really beautiful. Mike you did a great job. I delivered one to my sister, that lives in Garner, and when I told her it was made from our Grandfather's hand cut tobacco sticks she was...
  9. Splinter

    Turned Pens from Tobacco Sticks

    I don't have a lathe or have enough experience to properly use one but I am thinking about having some pens made from tobacco sticks. My siblings and I were all raised on a farm and tobacco was the main cash crops when we were kids. I still have a few of the tobacco sticks and was thinking...

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