1. A

    Festool Plunge Saw vs. Table Saw of similar price

    I am very new to woodworking and would like to start trying my hand at some very simple cabinetry. I am a cancer survivor, and as a result I am not the strongest of people so my physical limitation are important to consider. I know I need a tool that will rip large pieces of wood and I have...
  2. D

    HDPE or similar material needed

    Anyone know a local (Raleigh/Durham) source for HDPE or similar? I know Woodcraft carries a small selection of UHMW, but I need a piece around 14"x26" in size and at least .5" thick. Thanks! Dave
  3. MrAudio815

    Elegant Finials DVD or similar

    Hey Everyone, Anyone have the Elegant Finials DVD or any type of woodturning DVD or any DVD of woodworking I can borrow. Don't really want to spend $20 some odd dollars. Or if you don't want one of your DVDs anymore and need some MDF, I have some 11/16" thickness and some 1 5/16" thick for...
  4. X

    want to build similar train i looking to hire a good woodworker/craftsman to build a similar looking train. i will have someone else handle the engine and mechanics (steering, wheels, etc). a good portion of this train skeleton is made of high quality wood. i...
  5. CarvedTones

    Want to build something similar to this bench,41637 that's a mighty fancy WorkMate, but $850? :eek: Anyone seen plans for something similar, or know of some hardware that would work for it? The expensive magic is the tilting swivel that locks in place securely enough to take a...

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