1. Geo H Bishop B80 RIP saw

    Geo H Bishop B80 RIP saw

    Circa 1880's - 5.5 tpi, missing two teeth and the horn was replaced (well) but overall it's a good user saw and sharp.
  2. Rhythm House Drums

    Angled Rip Sled

    I do a lot of tapered rips on my table saw. I'm using a metal taper jig... it's horrible. I have to cut blocks to fit inside the jig or-else it will bend a bit when cutting. Took me a few curved cuts to figure out what was going on. I was hoping the Incra Miter 5000 would do rip cuts...
  3. J

    Anyone in Fayetteville willing to rip some wood?

    All, While I generally enjoy working with hand tools, cutting a few hundred planks for models by hand gets old after a while if done with a hand ripsaw. What I'm wondering is if anyone would be willing to let me rip the boards I'm starting with on a table saw to save me some work? Thanks much, John
  4. Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix
  5. Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix
  6. Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix
  7. Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix

    Rip fence fix
  8. New sleeve for rip fence base

    New sleeve for rip fence base

    New sleeve for rip fence base
  9. Rip shoe

    Rip shoe

    Rip shoe
  10. Rip shoe

    Rip shoe

    Rip shoe
  11. decibel

    Good dedicated rip blade?

    Looking for some advice on a rip blade. I currently use the Forrest WWII and Love it. I make end grin cutting boards from time to time and usually just leave in the Forrest and it's fine. Last week I was matching out several And decided to switch to my Freud rip blade from home depot. It...
  12. CarvedTones

    Grrr-Ripper ordered! (safest way to rip thin strip off small boards)

    UPDATE - OK, you don't have to beat me with a 2x4; well, not that many times... :rotflm: I was swayed by the consensus and the missus even jumped on board for an immediate purchase when she heard it was a safety device that I was making do without. I just got a bunch of spindle blanks that...
  13. kooshball

    How often do you all use your ~50" rip capacity?

    I need to get some longer rails for my G1023Z (only 25" to the rt as it is now) and I have the option for 50" rails but I am not sure how often I will use that capacity and if it is worth the floor space. On the other hand, I hate to cut down long rails just to find that I needed them. So...
  14. G

    Straight rip fence

    On my Delta saw I used the miter gauge that came with the saw and placed a speed square on it to check to see if the rip fence was straight and it wasn't. It appears that the back end was about 1/16 to 1/8 further left than the front end when the fence is locked down. I tried to adjust the...
  15. Len

    RIP 'WorkMate' Inventor Ron Hickman

    Ron Hickman, inventor of what became the B&D 'WorkMate' has died at age 78.:sad11: My 'WorkMate' has let me build a lot of things over the years...
  16. S

    Mule Accusquare Rip Fence M-1040 - $125 (N. Raleigh)

    Not Mine Mule Accusquare Rip Fence M-1040 - $125 (N. Raleigh) Date: 2011-01-19, 8:44AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Mule Accusquare table saw Rip Fence M-1040 Increased rip capacity...
  17. tkpinsc

    moderate priced rip blade

    What are some of the popular 10" rip blades for a 3hp cabnet saw. Price, ease of cut and glue line quality of cut are my priorities. Don't care about kerf thickness or a flat bottom cut. I have always used a combo blade but I currently have six or seven hundred feet of cherry to rip. It was...
  18. B

    Freud rip blades question

    I have a "Heavy Duty Rip" TS blade that on the blade it says something like 3/4-2.75 inch usable capacity. Last time I was in the store I saw the 'glue line rip' that stated it was 1/8-1 inch. Are these ideal ranges or am I risking blade & other damage by using them outside of their 'usage...
  19. Base jig for the DeWalt rip fence

    Base jig for the DeWalt rip fence

    I made this jig as a base to accommodate fence jigs
  20. DeWalt Rip Fence

    DeWalt Rip Fence

    This is the (oddball) fence that comes with a DeWalt hybrid saw

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