1. M

    Routed Profile Across a Leg

    I am working on a desk, similar to one a PBK. You can see the leg detail at the PBK link. I am trying to figure out how to make a routed profile across the leg. The closes thing I have found is the Freud Ovolo router bit. I am open to suggestions and ideas?
  2. froglips

    Question about Profile....

    I got a report from mshel asking if this is a permissible signature. It was interpreted as an advertisement for Incra. If I'm not mistaken, this might be a jig that Alan might have designed? North Carolina Woodworker - View Profile: Alan in Little Washington...
  3. Canuck

    Can't get to my Profile

    When I go to the Other Links tab and click on 'Your Profile', I receive the following erroneous error... Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Get the same message when I click on my userId in the list of online users? Not sure how to get to my profile now with the new server update...
  4. tar1heel

    Editing profile

    How do I change the city that shows up with my name? I can't find it in my profile except for zip code and that doesn't change the city name.
  5. buildintechie

    Need a low profile table slide

    Hey all- I'm working on a split top table of sorts, and need a low profile table slide...don't care if its metal or wood....anybody have any ideas? This is what I need, just something that has an overall profile of an inch or less...
  6. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  7. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  8. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  9. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  10. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  11. Buffet


    Buffet to be copied
  12. Buffet - Corner post profile

    Buffet - Corner post profile

    Buffet to be copied
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Herb Shelley's Profile

    Herb from WC said today that he could not edit his profile to change his location from Chantilly, VA to Raleigh, NC. Can anyone take care of this?
  14. Mr. Bill

    Need NC profile pattern

    I need a profile of North Carolina to make a sign for my next door neighbor to use on his camping trailer. I've got letter templates and my router ready to go. This guy is a great neighbor; he cut and mantained my yard through most of the spring and summer while I was in a wheelchair and casts...
  15. N

    Ogee profile on circular base

    I'm making an hourglass and need some advice on the bases. The plans show an ogee profile around the circumference of each base but this is something I haven't done before. I turned a guide block out of pine that I could stick to the base and let the bit bearing ride along it but I wonder how...
  16. IMG_21633


  17. IMG_21622


  18. S

    Porter Cable Profile Sander - $35 (Trinity)

    Not Mine Porter Cable Profile Sander - $35 (Trinity) Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-07-15, 2:09PM EDT Works great! Comes with full set of sanding blocks. Call Rich at 336-307-3077 Location: Trinity it's NOT ok to contact this...
  19. froglips

    Disable Customize Profile?

    DaveO and I have been working with Steve Hall regarding a confusing option under User Settings. "Customize Profile". At least two of us assumed it let a user set site wide formatting customizations. In reality, it controls the individual users personal profile page formatting. We'd...
  20. SteveHall

    Customize profile broken?

    I can set custom colors in my "Customize Profile" user settings, but they don't seem to work. Are these broken or disabled?

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