1. Bench top tool cabinet (side)

    Bench top tool cabinet (side)

    Side view of a tool cabinet I made to sit on top of my work bench (over the tool tray). The side and drawer fronts are book-matched sweet gum veneer. The cock beading around the drawers is pecan.
  2. Bench top tool cabinet (back)

    Bench top tool cabinet (back)

    Back view of a tool cabinet I made to sit on top of my work bench (over the tool tray). Also, shows the marquetry image on the base section.
  3. Bench top tool cabinet (closed)

    Bench top tool cabinet (closed)

    Closed view of a tool cabinet I made to sit on top of my work bench (over the tool tray).
  4. Sam Knight

    Pecan lidded bowl

    This was an Anniversary gift I made for the wife. She loved it. Spalted pecan with mating lid made from 1 piece.
  5. Pecan lidded bowl

    Pecan lidded bowl

    Christmas gift for my mom.
  6. Turned Pecan lidded bowl

    Turned Pecan lidded bowl

    Anniversary gift I turned for the wife.
  7. M

    Hickory and Pecan Lumber for sale

    I have several hundred board feet of Pecan and Hickory lumber. The majority of the Hickory is 6/4 quartersawn though I do have come 3"squares. I have a couple of Pecan slabs roughly 30" wide and 8' long. Also have a couple of 6x6 white oak posts.
  8. M

    Pecan Lumber

    If anyone is interested I've been milling some 6 and 8/4 Pecan slabs between 12" and 30" wide. Also have a bunch of 12/4 Quartersawn from 5"-10" wide and by the end of the weekend should have a dozen or so 13" wide 4/4 Quartersawn boards.
  9. M

    Christmas Pens from Family Pecan

    Some of you may have heard the story about the wood used in my daughters' Barbie House Dresser. My in-laws had an old pecan tree in their backyard that was uprooted in one of the hurricanes. My wife and her brother played under this tree as kids. I was very excited to use that wood in something...
  10. Christmas Pens

    Christmas Pens

    If you saw the Barbie House Dresser, these pens were made, by my good friend Dwayne Brunmeier, out of the same pecan. For those that do not know the story, the pecan tree grew in my in-laws backyard when my wife and her brother were kids.
  11. Spalted Pecan Tycoon

    Spalted Pecan Tycoon

    Spalted Pecan Tycoon
  12. Leviblue

    Tycoon Pen with Spalted Pecan

    I had some spalted pecan (thanks to Scott Smith) in the shop, a few more blanks still there, that I wanted to try. So I got a Tycoon Rhodium kit and this is what I came up with. The pecan has 8 coats of BLO/CA polished to 12000mm and Novus 2. Thank you in advance for any feedback (positive and...
  13. Tim Sherwood

    FREE Pecan logs

    Two mature pecan trees located near Augusta. They are cut in 6-8' lengths. There is a crew and equipment available to load them for you. They will only be available for the next 2-3 days. If you are interested call Pete at 336-456-1275.
  14. Mark Gottesman

    Maple and pecan beams Cl Yadkinville

    Just saw this. Not Mine. I'm guessing it is $40/beam. Let me know what they look like. The Pecan might be of interest to me. 20 year old pecan and maple beams - $40 (yadkinville) Date: 2011-03-20, 8:25PM EDT Reply to...
  15. Rob

    Spalted Pecan

    Roughed turned this bowl a few weeks ago, the wood was very soft and punky. So I soaked it in a white glue solution I read about on Sawmill Creek. I changed it up a little. 1 gallon of white glue from Lowes, 2 gallons of water, mix well and stir every few days. Soaked the roughed out bowl...
  16. N

    NE Pecan Bowl

    Was out in the shop resawing some free Holly I picked up while walking the dog. Wanted to get the bark off it before it discolored the blanks. Anywho, made a 7" diameter NE bowl out of some Pecan I got from RobS. Didn't quite get the front and back symmetric, but the sides are. I hand sanded...
  17. NE Pecan Bowl

    NE Pecan Bowl

  18. Spalted Pecan Bowl

    Spalted Pecan Bowl

  19. Spalted Pecan Inside Bowl

    Spalted Pecan Inside Bowl

  20. Spalted Pecan Bowl

    Spalted Pecan Bowl

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