1. Bullcitywoodshop

    Woodworking volunteers needed in Durham

    The Bull City Woodshop is Durham’s local non-profit for woodworking education. We have after school programs for students grades 3-12 as well as adult programming! We are currently looking for a few more volunteers. We would like to expand our adult programming and need some volunteers for...
  2. Bullcitywoodshop

    Woodworker Volunteers needed!

    Do you live in the Durham or triangle region? The Bull City Woodshop is a non-profit after school program to teach kids K-12 woodworking. We are looking for more volunteers to join our cause!! If you have 2 hours per week (during the school year) to give back and pass down your trade, please...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    NCWW, Inc. has been granted Non-profit status!!!!!

    I am very, very pleased to announce that the I.R.S. has granted our application for non-profit status!!! :eusa_danc:eusa_clap:icon_cheers:eusa_danc:eusa_clap:icon_cheers:occasion1:banana:
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Nonprofit update

    I spoke with our lawyres yesterday. In the response to the letter from the IRS, we will have to amend the by-laws and potentially the article of incorporation. Any such changes will have to be voted on by te corporate members. We will know better on monday. If we need to have sucha vote I...
  5. Douglas Robinson

    Non-profit update

    FYI: We received a response from the IRS requesting more information. I am working with the attorneys in preparing our response. I will have to sign it. When that time comes I will contact Joe ahead of it to get a check for the filing fee of $850 already incurred. Doug
  6. Douglas Robinson

    Non-profit Status Update

    FYI: We recieved a letter of confirmation of receipt of our application from the IRS. We await their decision.
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Non-profit Status update!

    I will be going to the lawyer's office today to sign the 1023 forms! Joe I am going to need a check for $850 for the filing fee some time soon. Wilson and Ratledge will write a check for the amount now, but we will have to reimburse them.
  8. Douglas Robinson

    Non-profit status update

    FYI: The executed papers were delivered to the attorney this week.
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Non-profit status

    Everyone: Just wanted to let you know that the executed retainer agreement, retainer check and copies of our corporate documents have been delivered to the attorneys. Thanks to Scoot S and Travis.
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Update: Call with Non-profit Lawyer

    Purusant to the last BoD meeting I have begun the engagement of the lawyer. He will be sending an engagement letter to Travis's address, we will execute it and send it witha retainer back the Michael. (BTW: His office is across from the Crabtree mall). FYI: He is going to need a copy of our...
  11. SteveColes

    Clarification on Non-Profit Corporate Status

    Because of a recent set of moderations and the knowledge that we are now a Non-profit corporation in the state of NC, a user(s) of this site has challenged our current content policies and indirectly the right off the staff to make these policies and enforce them. So at this point, let me...
  12. R

    Need fresh White Oak (24"+ Diameter) for non-profit

    I am looking for a piece of white oak to be used for building an apple press (cider press). Old Salem in Winston-Salem wants to make an 1800s authentic apple press and has approached me about a piece of timber. They want white oak...24"+ diameter and I'm not sure how long. I don't know why it...

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