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Douglas Robinson

Doug Robinson
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I spoke with our lawyres yesterday. In the response to the letter from the IRS, we will have to amend the by-laws and potentially the article of incorporation. Any such changes will have to be voted on by te corporate members. We will know better on monday.

If we need to have sucha vote I propose we do it as a sticky to all corporate members. I still have to look at what % of the membership will be needed for passage. Tracy we will need a total for the number of corporate members on the day we post (and a list of those members). After our talk I am convinced our request for 501(c)(3) status is the correct one. We are not a trade organization or a "club" education is our focus.

I will update on monday, just wanted to prepare you all as it looks likely we will need jump through some hoops.



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Alrightie Doug!
We're progressing and as expected there are surely some hurdles to overcome.
I think the sticky to corporate members is a good move. I don't know computer-ese enough to know if there is a way to make a corporate group and send an email. Sending one at a time doesn't appeal very much to me.
Are the changes like name related or what will this entail, as best you can tell?
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