1. Joe Scharle

    Lock Miter Bit & Setup Block

    It's been many years since I've had one of these. And I threw that one away! But looking at John Nixon using one to make edge jointed legs, I thought I'd try it again. The bit & block from MLCS arrived yesterday and I fiqured I make a box for it as a test piece. Nixon has a good video as does...
  2. Bas

    Lock Rabbet joint

    I'm making a drawer, out of 3/4" plywood. As part of my continued education, I want to use a lock rabbet joint, since I've never done that one before. I want to use the table saw, since my my box joint blade does both 1/4" and 3/8" cuts. I found a great video on the Wood Magazine web site, but...
  3. Travis Porter

    Drawer lock bit

    Anyone have any recommendations for good to excellent instructions on drawer lock bits either on the web, in magazines, or something? I am building lots of kitchen cabinets and vanities, but I have another project for 3 vanities that I am doing quick and dirty drawers on so any input is...
  4. Drawer Detail

    Drawer Detail

    Drawer fronts joined using Drawer Lock Miter router bit. Solid Red Oak drawer front with Alder sides.
  5. LeftyTom

    How Much HP for Lock Mitre Bit?

    Can I power a lock mitre bit (1/2" shank) suitably with a 2 1/4 HP router? 4/4 wood is being routed. I am pondering bit additions.
  6. Canuck

    Pesky Spindle Lock

    I have had the Bosch Colt (PR20EVS) for several months now and ever since I bought it I have have to fight with the spindle lock button when inserting or changing router bits! The darn thing keeps slipping - most notably when undoing the collet!:BangHead: Other reviews I have read also had this...
  7. D

    Lock hardware

    Has anyone seen a brushed nickel finish escutcheon for a cabinet lock? I have looked at my local Lowe's, Woodcraft, Rockler, 7Corners, Woodworkers Supply, and Woodworker's hardware. Does anyone have any other ideas where I could find one? Thanks Dave

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