1. walnutjerry

    Electronics expert needed

    After 20 years my Powermatic 3520A has developed a problem. The motor does not always start up and continue running------sometimes it will start and run for maybe a minute or two then kick off. Sometimes I unplug it wait a few seconds until I hear a click and plug it back up and it starts...
  2. C

    Industrial lathe required?

    I hope this consortium of like minded individuals can help me with something. What are some methods to recreate a pedestal like the one in the picture? I’m a hobbyist who doesn’t have a lathe, and even if I did, I doubt it would be one large enough to turn something that appears to be 24”, or...
  3. M

    Posting a lathe for sale

    How do I post items for sale? I am posting for my Dad since he does not have email or internet. He was told by someone that recommended the site, that he could list his lathe for sale on the site. I am not sure how to do that.
  4. J

    Delta LA200 midi lathe and bed extension. $425

    Delta LA200 midi lathe and bed extension (bed extension is new in box never used). Asking $425, Located on Cabarrus County side of Davidson, NC. If I had to guess I would say this lathe has turned between 10-15 pens in total use. Chuck pictured is not included. I am willing to let chuck and...
  5. D

    lathe for sale

    Lathe for sale. Found this on craigslist, not sure how good of a deal this is, but it was cheaper than new ones i saw on a quick look.
  6. riverstwo

    I'm going to look at this lathe, can you guys help me out with some things to look for? I'm going to look at this this afternoon, I've been reading up on the model a little bit but was wondering if anyone had any specific experience with them or maybe common issues to look for? Any help is...
  7. T

    Using/renting time at a Lathe in or around Wake County

    Hello all, I have a bit of turning experience working with my grandfather in Virginia, and I was hoping to work on a project or two here in NC. However, my searches for open workshops have turned up fairly short in terms of cost and access (*See below) So, I decided I would ask the...
  8. Lathe work

    Lathe work

    Bottle openers and cheese planes
  9. Lathe work

    Lathe work

    Bottle openers and cheese planes
  10. Lathe work

    Lathe work

    Bottle openers and cheese planes
  11. Lathe work

    Lathe work

    Bottle openers and cheese planes
  12. W

    Received a Free Lathe

    So my father mentioned his buddy was willing to part ways with his lathe. He didn't mention any specifics but I visited VA this weekend and picked up a functioning secondhand tool. Honestly I never thought I would have a lathe, but now my possibilities for design include wood turning. I do not...
  13. Sam Knight

    Jet 1642 lathe on sale for 92% off at Amazon?

    Ok, so I came across this listing on Amazon for a Jet 1642EVS-2 2HP 230 volt 1 phase lathe for $254 plus $232.50 shipping. That is 92% off the original list price of $3140! How can this be? Sounds very fishy to me. I know that this lathe had some speed control issues but at that price it could...
  14. Sam Knight

    Reeves drive type lathe speeds

    Just wanted to share a small tip to those that may have a Reeves-type lathe or Shopsmith. I purchased a used Shop Fox lathe and the minimum lathe speed that it would go down to was 690 RPM's. Watched a few videos on maintenance on these lathes and decided to try it myself. First I bought a...
  15. Air Filter

    Air Filter

  16. Sam Knight

    My first attempt at turning a bowl and a mushroom

    Here is my first ever bowl. It was made from ash that was cut into a bowl blank back in march. My wife likes the natural edge bowls so that is what I attempted. It is in a bag with shaving now, hopefully it will not warp much but we will see. I need to get a small weigh scale to weigh as the...
  17. CommGuy107

    Free Turning Videos (for now)

    I've been enjoying the "Woodturning with Tim Yoder" videos. Popular Woodworking Magazine made all 24 Season 1 videos free to stream as they promote Season 2. Tim works with both traditional and carbide tools and has a fun personality, so when you aren't learning something, you can simply...
  18. CommGuy107

    A Couple of Great Books

    Just picked up a couple of new ( to ME) books this week. The first, "Bandsaw Handbook" by Mark Duginske is crammed full of useful information on setup, techniques, safety, and even projects for any bandsaw owner. I could easily recommend it to any woodworker - not just for the...
  19. Atlas Lathe

    Atlas Lathe

  20. Atlas Lathe

    Atlas Lathe

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