1. Coaster Set

    Coaster Set

    Laser engraved coasters from a maple countertop sink cut out that I found on the side of the road.
  2. Box with cross inlays

    Box with cross inlays

  3. Mike Camp

    Kreg Pocket Screw Joints - To Glue or Not to Glue?

    I'm going to embark shortly on building some kitchen cabinets and I was wondering what most of you all do when it comes to Kreg pocket screw joints. Do you follow the "Kreg way" and not use glue at all or do you use glue?
  4. A

    Mortise and Tenon Joints

    My next project is a box that will also work as an outdoor coffee table. I would like to use mortise and tenon joinery but I have struggled to make it work. I need some suggestions or advice on the mortise part. I am doing the tenons on the table saw and they seem to come out pretty nice...
  5. L

    45 degree mitre joints

    I have been cutting 45 degree mitre joints on my table saw and they have been OK. Do most wood workers use the table saw or the mitre saw to cut the 45 degree joints. I'm thinking about up grading my mitre saw to see if I can get tighter joints.
  6. decibel

    Laying out joints for consistent reveal

    OK this is probably a very newbie question but I'm building a nightstand. The sides are frame and panels and I'm about to join the sides together. I've seen the top rail (I guess that's the best term) will be dovetailed into the side leg. The sliding dovetail videos / articles show them...
  7. B

    Help Needed with Miter Joints

    I am using some teak moulding to make a small picture frame (roughly 8 x 12). Previous projects involving miter joints were painted, so copious use of caulk was standard. But in this case I want to use only Tung Oil on the frame, maybe a little poly to give it some gloss. I cut the pieces...
  8. N

    Mortise and tenon joints

    I'm working on making a bed headboard for my wife. Its basically a frame with slats running vertically that will be painted in the end. I'm so new at this, I was thinking that I'm going to dowel slats in place and possibly countersink a screw for reinforcement. I was talking to my father in...
  9. Toying with box joints

    Toying with box joints

  10. Toying with box joints

    Toying with box joints

  11. B

    Accent table-first attempt at mortise and tenon joints

    This table was made as a pine prototype I made before I make two more, one out of black walnut and one out of cedar (outdoor use as a plant stand), in order to try out my ability at mortise and tenon joinery. I cut them all on my router table and they turned out pretty clean I thought. The only...
  12. Shamrock

    Maloof Rocker-ACSE-character in the joints

    Hey folks-had to take a few days off to pay the bills(yes I actually had to go to work). On Wed I spend ALL day final shaping the major joints-the front legs to seat-the back legs to seat-and the arms to back legs. Here's the results in before/after format. Front legs to seat: Before and...
  13. Glennbear

    End grain joints ?

    I recently acquired some nice kiln dried S4S oak of varying widths but most of it is less than 24" long. I could use some of this in upcoming projects but ideally I would like to make some longer lengths. I know that molding manufacturers amongst others use finger joints but is there another way...
  14. Bas

    Clamping box joints

    I'm making some drawers, using box joints. I'm trying to figure out how to clamp this during glue-up. I made the fingers slightly proud, so that I can plane/ scrape/ sand them flush afterwards. That's easier than sanding down the sides. Those proud fingers do pose a problem with clamping. The...
  15. WoodWrangler

    Testing Joints (video)

    You may have seen this in the magazine, but here's a video of the test of various joints ...
  16. Cherry Box Open

    Cherry Box Open

  17. Cherry Box

    Cherry Box

    First project with Box Joints and Cherry Hardwood.
  18. Splinter

    My first Box Joints

    LOML wanted some boxes to store her old collection of 45 RPM records. I know some of you young folks don't know what I am talking about, but way back when some of us were kids this is what we played on a record player to hear music. Anyway this was a good project for my first attempt at box...
  19. rick7938

    Disassembling Glued Joints

    I have been asked to repair a child's rocking chair for a friend. One of the arms and one of the rockers were chewed by a dog, and he wants them replaced so that he can display it. It is made of pine, and it is stained. My question: What is the best method of taking glued parts loose from the...
  20. P

    Mortise & Tenon Joints

    Today was a good day. Got to make a lot of sawdust and completed the cut list for my current project. Tomorrow I will begin assembly of the curio I'm making for my wife. It calls for mortise and tenon joints, which I have never done. I understand the "how to" but was wondering if anyone had...

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