1. Firewood hut

    Firewood hut

    I made this to cover our firewood. The black tarp we had got ripped and then chewed up by a lawnmower. I used 3/4 pressure treated plywood for the roof/sides, and 4x4 pressure treated posts for support.
  2. eyekode

    Firewood in Apex

    I am taking my oldest son camping with his Y-guides tribe tonight and was wondering if anyone in the Apex area has some firewood for sale? I just need enough for two largish fires: one tonight and one in the morning. I plan on burning most of my scrap pile but that won't be enough :). Thanks! Salem
  3. cpw

    Lumber or firewood?

    After last night's storm I have an oak hung up in the back yard. Concern #1 is getting it on the ground safely. My second concern is would it be worth trying to get any lumber out of it? It splintered about six feet up, so 5' lengths is about the most I could expect out of the base. I didn't...
  4. sawduster

    Found in some firewood

    Got some old slab wood from Jack ( saw4you ) for the pig pickin fire . Gotta sort it before ya burn it ya know :gar-Bi Well low and behold while band sawing some down for kindling i stumbled om some ambrosia View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image...
  5. IMG_00712


    simple mockup to see how this will work.
  6. IMG_0069


    simple mockup to see how this will work.
  7. Larry Rose

    Firewood Bowl

    This is my latest turning attempt. It's spalted pecan from some firewood cut after a storm blew down the tree in my yard a few years ago. The bowl is about 4 1/2" in dia and 3" high. The finish is Minwax Antique Oil and wax. View image in gallery
  8. Larry Rose

    Firewood Art?

    Three yrs. ago we went to Boone for a weekend in a friends cabin. I picked up this pc of what I think is mountain laurel out of his fire wood pile. Not knowing what else to do with it, I finally planned it down to about 2" thick and hollowed it out. Two coats of Minwax Antique Oil is the finish...
  9. Ken Massingale

    Another Firewood Gloat

    The Greenville S.C. CL had an ad for free firewood, so I made arrangements to drive up and get it. I brought home a nice Ram full. :eusa_danc I had to leave around 16-18 pieces that are about 20 inches dia. and 24 inches long 'cause my candy butt didn't want to hurt my lil self loading...
  10. Ken Massingale

    Cherry Crotch From Firewood Pile

    I was hoping this crotch would be better, but I guess it could be worse. I 'think' the defects will turn out on the left one, maybe the right one also. Problem is, it's ~16" across and I have a Jet Mini!:no: What you folks do with these hunks? :eusa_thin
  11. Jay

    firewood to boards

    A friend of mine came across some cedar that someone had cut up into pieces about the size of firewood. It is green wood and he asked me if I wanted any of it since he knew I do some woodworking. I have a newly acquired 14 inch bandsaw with a six inch riser so I thought about cutting it up...
  12. Alex Franke

    Local mixed hardwood firewood sources?

    Can anyone offer me a referral for where I can find seasoned local mixed hardwood firewood at a reasonable price? We're looking for 1/2 - 1 cord delivered to Chapel Hill. I've always heard that the wood should be as local as possible to prevent importing out of town pests... Thanks!
  13. Mike Gilley

    what do you see, is it art or is it firewood?

    I got these boards from Jeff at the last Raleigh lumber run, didn't think much of them other then getting some hardwood for structure stuff. Ran them through the planer, set them against the wall & forgot about them. Brought LOML in to the garage a few days ago, to get her opinion on a change...

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