1. Twisted Post - East Side

    Twisted Post - East Side

    This view really made my day
  2. Close Up

    Close Up

    Birds eye view of end post.
  3. Twisted Post - West Side

    Twisted Post - West Side

    End post against block retaining wall.
  4. Fence Hanger

    Fence Hanger

    Close up of fence hanger on twisted post.
  5. Twisted Post - East Side

    Twisted Post - East Side

    This post is about 7' above ground.
  6. Tar Heel

    Question for those who got the Biesemeyer fence

    I bought one that was an open box. I only had two bags of hardware. How many bags of hardware were in an unopened box and was the knob and cursor in one of those bags?
  7. Touchwood

    Biesemeyer Fence hold downs

    Hi Folks, Still haven't got my intro on the site, but I'm the "black walnut desk" guy that Jeff posted the pictures for last week. I managed to get one of the $80 Bies fences at Lowes in Sanford,... they still had one, and another in an open box last Thursday for what it's worth. I have a...
  8. P Crews

    accessories for Biesemeyer Fence

    Since several of us have purchased the wonderfully marked down Biesemeyer Fence, maybe those that have had this fence for a while can share their shop made accessories for it. :eusa_pray I was perusing Jim Tolpin's Table Saw Magic book and he has some useful attachment's that he has made...
  9. nelsone

    Fence Post Hole Question

    I have started building the fence I have posted about in the past. Today I started digging the post holes using a one man auger with an 8" bit. I am now completely exhausted! The problem is the holes aren't done! I got about 12" down and hit clay that might as well be called brick! The auger...
  10. BumoutBob

    New saw fence adjuster

    Check this thing out! It's a micro adjuster for a Biesmier fence. Just got mine today. Seems to work well. From the latest Rockleer catalog: http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=16755&filter=29387
  11. nelsone

    Fence Gate

    I have someone that wants me to build a fence for him and he wants a driveway gate with an opener installed. My question is regarding the construction of the gate. How would you go about building this to make it strong enough?
  12. 6' Cedar Fence

    6' Cedar Fence

    Yous Truly
  13. nelsone

    Fence Questions

    I have been asked to build a fence for some one and I need some material suggestions. Here is a sketch of what we are thinking of. I was planning to use Ipe for the posts and Cypress for the slats. Unfortunately I got a price of over $2.00 per linear foot for 4x4 Ipe posts. That means the...
  14. J

    Lowes Stores that have $200 Bies. Fence

    Stopped by Lowes today, twice actually. Had Bill in hardware look up which stores have fences in stock. Cary- Walnut ST-1, West Cary-3, Chapel Hill-1. Sanford-3. Clinton-2, Erwin-3, Apex-1, West Raleigh-3, Knightdale-2. Inventory showed non in either N Raleigh, or Garner. Possibly the I40/ NC 42...
  15. S

    New fence for Jet contractor saw?

    Well, it's time to upgrade the table saw. I have a Jet contractor saw that's about 3 years old. I've built a rolling cabinet with storage and built-in dust collection. I have no complaints about the saw except the fence could stand to be more accurate and stronger. So I can't justify selling...
  16. nelsone

    Fence Project

    I have been asked to build a custom fence around a back yard, about 250' of fence. We are thinking about using horizontal slats and I am thinking of using Ipe for the posts and cypress for the slats. I understand Ipe is quite difficult to work with. Do any of you guys have experience with it? Do...
  17. JackLeg

    Table Saw Fence

    Hey Folks! Anyone got a simple (SIMPLE) plan for a band saw fence that is easily removed? Drawings, advice and photo's welcome. My "pard" and I want to make some consistent cuts that are deeper than our tablesaw will reach. Thanx.
  18. Vanilla Gorilla

    Warped fence on a CMS

    Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since I have been here, I hope to be back in full effect pretty soon. I got out in my shop for the first time in several months (I know, I know) and the fence on my miter saw seems to have warped. Is there any way to square it back up again, short of adding...
  19. chris99z71

    Delta T2 Fence?

    Can anybody tell me if this fence is worth a squat? I have a good friend who wa given a Craftsman contractor's style saw. It's descent- full size cast table with two cast iron "web" style wings, belt driven. It has no fence with it. I'm thinking that this may be the cat's meow for his situation...
  20. huckster

    Looking for Phenolic Material for Router Fence

    Anyone know where I can get phenolic (in the Raleigh area) material. Say 3/4" that I could use on a router fence? I'm guessing some where around 2 1/2" by 24" 2 Pcs. Anyone ever had to cut phenolic material? Thanks, ~Huck

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