1. MarkE

    Does anyone else want to get in on the Birch Plywood deal?

    We had a good group make the trip to Northern Tool this morning for some birch plywood sheetlets (I really like that word, Bas). Unfortunately I was not able to bring enough for everyone that wanted showed up. I wanted to see if there is any interest in doing another local run. I am a little...
  2. steviegwood

    I Found a Deal On Stains.

    Hi Folks, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Our local Ace hardware store is putting up some new displays and decided to sell off a lot of their stock of stains/stain finishes. I saw the two display shelves that they were putting the stock on at reduced prices and happened to...
  3. JackLeg

    Deal on Sign Making Kit at Rockler

    Just ordered the Sign Making Kit from Rockler! $100 off! Includes the PC Router, 5 bits, and the letter kit. I've wanted one for some time. AND, it's in my favorite font!! :wsmile:
  4. Ken Massingale

    Kreg K4 Master System Deal

    Woodcraft has this Kreg on sale this weekend for $118. Lowes has it for their normal price of $139. I needed something better than the little pocket jig I have for a cabinet project, and didn't want the 80 mile round trip to WC. I added the Kreg to the Woodcraft cart and printed the page and...
  5. bobby g

    Another extra 10% deal at Lowes

    Here's another way to get 10% at Lowes. Buy a "tax refund" gift card for $500 or more and they'll add 10% to it. Good for a big project and since it's a gift card, you can combine with any other special deal. Look here for details. bobby g
  6. CatButler

    Groupon Deal: $125 2 month membershop RDUTech

    Groupon Deal $125 for Two-Month Membership and Six Hours of Classes at TechShop RDU It will only be good for a while, Here is my link. Disclosure, I would receive $10 if you go through my referral Always be sure to read fine print.
  7. J

    Delta's a done deal !

    Delta's finalized their split with B&D on 2/4/11. The new owner is Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd. U.S. offices wil move from Jackson,TN to Anderson,SC. Hopefully it's for the better and they will improve their customer service dept...
  8. ScottM

    Scrollers - BB plywood deal at Hardwood Store

    Scrollers take note. I found this a couple weeks back but was keeping it a close secret . I did share with a few others. But now that the Hardwood Store is a site sponsor I figured I would highlight it for the rest. Check this deal out. 25 square feet of Baltic Birch Plywood 1/8" - $32...
  9. Canuck

    CL Clamp Deal!

    Someone in the market for more clamps in the Durham area, may want to look at this CL ad. 6ft Woodcraft Clamps - $20 (Durham) Date: 2011-01-06, 3:44PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I've...
  10. ScottM

    Hot one day deal from Craft Supplies USA

    Not mine...No connection. This deal is today only. Darn
  11. Mt. Gomer

    Heater Deal @ Sams ?

    I saw this at Sams on my last trip and thought real hard about tossing one in the cart for my basement shop. Figured I'd better ask around here to see if it really was a deal or not.... Might work pretty well for my purposes as I've got a basement shop that, while unheated, holds temps pretty...
  12. cskipper

    Scroll saw deal?
  13. ScottM

    Good deal for a beginning turner in VA

    Not mine. No connection. Just passing along a good deal I found.
  14. Tarhead

    Great Deal on WW'ing Books

    Lots of Tauton (Fine Woodworking Magazine) books on deep discount until next Tuesday:
  15. Ken Massingale

    Could Be A Unisaw Deal?

    I'm not sure what this guy is selling, but maybe a deal?? Delta Una Table Saw - $400 (Spartanburg SC) Date: 2010-11-12, 12:17PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Delta Una table saw purchased for 1500.00 only asking 400.00 hardly even used...
  16. N

    Might be a good deal for someone...

    Was walking through the Sears in Concord (Carolina Mall) yesterday and came across this. Reviews have been good on the professional series saws, so I'd thought I'd share. I bet they could do better than the $699 too... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  17. Tarhead

    Great Deal on Mortise Chisels

    Jump fast (like today) or they'll be gone!,44047,66737&p=66737 Special buy. Limited stock. Well made to our specifications by a small Czech firm, this five-piece set of chisels includes 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" widths. About...
  18. T

    Good deal @ H.F

    If you can find 1,
  19. Joe Scharle

    Might be a great deal

    if you've been thinking about one of these. I've bought a few 'seconds' from MLCS and they have all been just nicked or discolored. Not much different looking had I owned it for a month! In case you're not on their e-list:
  20. K

    Good deal??? I'm interested, but doubt I can afford it. Plus how does it compare in size to the GWL? Also we just had a baby so no real free time.

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