1. Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

    One of my first attempts at a cutting block. This one has endgrain white oak and walnut with a white oak border.
  2. T

    Router jig for cutting bench dog holes?

    Afternoon all, I remember reading an article/watching a video where a guy used a jig of some sort with a router, to get "dead-on spacing/accuracy" for these but for the life of me, cannot seem to remember where or who did it? Anyone here have any experience with such a thing? I am planing to...
  3. erasmussen

    My new tool updated cutting pins

    Here it is my ver. of the pantorouter. Still a few little things I want to change, and add a better router, but it does work. with a dove tail pattern guide mounted
  4. mgoins

    Cutting boards - scroll saw practice

    Happy New Year! Recently my father-in-law was having a barn taken down, and gave me first pick of boards to come down for my lumber stash. The barn stood on the property that he grew up on, and that's been in his family for over 100 years. It was built by his uncle from lumber cut and...
  5. P

    cutting crown on the flat need angles for 10*

    I need to cut crown molding on the flat for angles 10* to the vertical and 808 TO THE HORIZONTAL WITH 90 DEGREES WALL ANGLE help
  6. Walnut & Maple Cutting Board

    Walnut & Maple Cutting Board

  7. Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

  8. Cutting Board

    Cutting Board

  9. C

    Cutting Board Finish - Updated with Pictures

    I am working on my first cutting boards for Christmas presents. I have completed three. I put about 4 - 5 coats of mineral oil on each side, about 2 coats per day. Then I put on two coats of 1:6 beeswax/mineral oil. I hand rubbed them in for about 3 - 4 minutes per board per coat. I allowed...
  10. D

    Cutting boards for food

    I've been making some cutting boards to sell at the NCSU Craft Fair, Saturday, Nov. 19th in the Thompson Building (off Pullen Dr.). All profits will be donated to the Foodbank of Eastern and Central NC, and I've already presold a couple (22 remain), so I've got a good start towards my goal of...
  11. F

    Scraps for a cutting board

    I was just going to order some off that new fangled world wide web, but i figured i could ask here. Would anyone have any walnut/maple (or similar) scraps they would be willing to part with for a modest price? I'm going for a 12x18 sized board :occasion1
  12. golfdad

    Cutting Board ?

    Is soft maple acceptable for a cutting board or does is it have to be hard maple?
  13. Soft Maple Cutting Board

    Soft Maple Cutting Board

  14. rcflyer23

    Question on Cutting Board

    Can you use Soft maple for an end grain cutting board. I know you can use Hard maple but didn't know what the difference was.
  15. G

    Cutting a spline in a long piece of wood

    I am building a patio table and ran into the issue where the 45degree joints at each end of the table just do not seem to have much strength. I was thinking of cutting a spline for the corners but two of the boards are about 87" long and would be hard to hold on a table saw to cut the spline...
  16. C

    miter saw cutting arcs

    I'm so gald to have found this site! I am planning on you guys to solve all the problems in my shop! thanks in advance. My miter saw is cutting slight, but anger-inducing arcs, especially in harder woods. It cuts more from the middle of the wood than it does from the edges (as viewed from...
  17. F

    Cutting angled tenons

    I will be starting a new coffee table soon in which the legs will be canted out from the stretchers at a modest angle (10-15* maybe?). When cutting the M&T joints here, should i angle the mortises when i cut those or should i cut angled tenons to fit square-cut mortises? I honestly don't know...
  18. Cutting Table For Plywood Sheets - the table corner

    Cutting Table For Plywood Sheets - the table corner

    I took this photo to show the saw kerfs in the top of the table. These do no harm anything as they are all shallow. When the table finally gets too many of these I'll make a replacement table top and transfer the legs to it.
  19. Cutting Table For Plywood Sheets - HDPE guide

    Cutting Table For Plywood Sheets - HDPE guide

    You can make this piece to fit whatever brand of straightedge you may have. Mine, both the 4' and 8' came from Peachtree Woodworking in Atlanta. They are both identical except for the length and they lock in place from underneath much like the other straightedge clamps on the market.
  20. Cutting Table For Plywood Sheets -2nd view zero clearance foot

    Cutting Table For Plywood Sheets -2nd view zero clearance foot

    A full view of the zero clearance base. Notice the piece of HDPE on the facing edge. It has grooves in it that match the top of my straightedge so the saw is quided during the cut. This isn't necessary, but makes it easier the saw in alignment with the straightedge during the cut.

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