1. flatheadfisher

    Surry County Sawyer

    My dad has a large white oak on his property that he is going to have cut down. I haven't measured the circumference but I couldn't reach all the way around it and I am 6'1". It is a "yard tree" but I am 90% sure it has no metal in it - he always told my brother and me not to put nails in...
  2. cpw

    How Do I Edit City, State, County?

    I cannot seem to locate where I update City, State, and County info. If I go to User Settings, then Your Profile, I can see them listed under Location Public, but I cannot find where to edit them. I would think it would be under Edit Your Details, but I don't see them.
  3. B

    New McDowell County Woodworker Here!

    Hello all. My name is Brooks. Live in Old Fort, NC with my beautiful wife and two wonderful sons who are 2 and 5. I myself am 27 years old. I've always had a good bit of interest in woodworking and have dabbled in it off and on with marginal results at best. I get the feeling that this is a...
  4. M

    Hello from Pender County

    Just wanted to say hey, I am new to the site. I am pretty new to woodworking. I did some in high school and loved it but never followed through with it. I am now a firefighter in New Hanover County. With all my free time I decided I needed something constructive to do. My dad had a bunch of...
  5. S

    Beaufort County swamp loggers

  6. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  7. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  8. gator

    Granville County School System Auction Items

    Granville County School System is having an auction of surplus equipment Saturday morning the 12th. Auction Starts at 10:00AM. Among the items listed are these that may be of interest to woodworkers: 6" Delta Jointer Powermatic Model 160 16" Planer 18' x 6' triple axle trailer 16' x 6' triple...
  9. TracyP

    DISCUSSION: Restore County Search Function in Members List

    Several members have asked that the function that we used to have where you could search members by county reinstated. I found this feature very helpful. It would be a good feature to add back in and do a write up. Any Takers:dontknow::dontknow:
  10. crokett

    How To Correct The County I am In?

    I noticed my user bio says I am in Alamance County. I am actually in Orange County by about 2 miles. I didn't see a way to correct this in User CP. Is there a way for me to update this?
  11. mkepke

    PSA: Underground propane lines in Wake County

    I learned last week that there are very few restrictions on the placement of residential underground propane lines. Which makes the one at my house buried a measly 6" under the surface :eek: legal. The one buried 6" with no mechanical protection over the copper line. Be careful out there. -Mark
  12. G

    Greetings from Stanly County

    Hi all, I am fulltime reservist in the Air National Guard, and I am based in Stanly County. I am hoping to find others nearby who have a shop or an interest in woodworking. I would like to learn more about cabinet making and perhaps operate a cabinet shop after I retire from the military...
  13. BKind2Anmls

    Please Post Your County in the Classifieds

    Especially if you are posting in the classified section, please consider telling us what county you are in. At the top of this site's web pages under the "Where Are?" section we can look up NC's county locations. For people like me, who are not familiar with NC, a city doesn't give me enough...
  14. LeftyTom

    Winston CL, Wilkes County, Lathe $200 Not mine, no one I know. (I cannot believe I am enticing someone to the dark side)
  15. B

    Introduction from Davie County

    Hello from Davie County Just leaving a message to introduce myself as a new member and beginning woodworker. While browsing around on woodworking topics, I ran across this site and forum and have been stuck here reading for days. This is a wonderful resource for anyone in or out of North...
  16. woodhead

    Wood sources near Wake County

    Hi All, I live in Wakefield Plantation and want to know where you buy your wood? I'm looking for maple, cherry, walnut etc. for building small projects. I moved here from Maryland and had many places close by where I could buy wood. But I can't seem to find anybody close to me here in NC...
  17. TracyP

    Rowan County Area Breakfast 8:30 AM Saturday 4/26

    I would like to get to know some of the local woodworkers in and around the Rowan county area and was just thinking about an early morning breakfast in Salisbury next Saturday the 26th of April. If anyone is interested please post here. I was thinking about maybe 9:00 or 9:30 in the AM. I...
  18. E

    Lurker from Franklin County

    Hi, I'm from the southern part of Franklin Cty and have been a lurker for a while. I am very impressed with the knowledge people on this site have. I've been setting up a small shop just to relax in and have been doing small projects to start. (loft bed for daughters dorm room) I look forward to...
  19. B

    Franklin County Boy finds great site/Happy to be here

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Have enjoyed woodworking for the past 5 years. Have more enthusiam and tools than I do skill level, but that has not slowed me down. I'm hoping this site will give me the opportunity to learn and make new friends. Will be 60 this year so I'm still...
  20. T-Man

    New to NC - Pitt County

    Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to NC...we relocated from NH to Greenville in May. I really like this website and am glad I found it. I had my own business in NH and had to dissolve when my wife's company transferred us down here, but I do custom cabinets and furniture. I'm going to try and...

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