1. E

    The Maker's Space - Raleigh

    Hello, my name is Matt. I have a small furniture business called Enkle Designs but my father and I (both experienced woodworkers) have recently opened a shared woodworking shop/woodworking co-op. :eusa_danc We are offering membership and residency at The Maker's Space for woodworkers, metal...
  2. T

    Community woodshop ???

    Does anyone know of a member based, community woodworking shop anywhere in the NC area? ( Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Etc.)
  3. duncndonut

    Reclaiming Used Wood - A community effort.

    Hey all, I was hoping to start an open discussion of good places in Eastern Carolina to find used/reclaimable wood. Have a barn your taking down? Know a guy who knows a guy? Post it here and maybe we can all do our part to re-use what we already have.
  4. ScottM

    NCWW Picnic Saturday May 22nd Chapel Hill's Southern Community Park

    Mark on your calendars the date of Saturday May 22nd for the Annual North Carolina Woodworker Picnic. The event will be in the Triangle. More details will follow over the coming weeks. We are planning to have show and tell, a swap/sale, lumber run, a few demos and of course EAT!!!! The event...
  5. Tar Heel

    Chapel Hill's Southern Community Park

    The two shelters at the park were booked this morning for May 22 from 8 AM to 5 PM for a total cost of $100. I visited the park this morning and took these pictures. Additional pictures are in my photo gallery if anyone is interested. The first two pics are both of the large shelter at different...
  6. jtdums

    Community Woodworker Project upcoming in Mooresville

    Dear NCWWers in the Mooresville area, We need some good hands to help build a community playground at the Lowe's YMCA March 10th-March 14th. This is a great project to get involved in the community and help build a town playground for kids. It is not a bolt together playground. That's why some...
  7. M

    Community Dust Collector???

    What do you guys think? We could all "pitch in" get this bad boy and work out a deal with the local authorities to use the sewer lines or something to connect ALL our shops :rotflm: 65,000 CFM should run a "few shops" right? :gar-La; Or better yet, it's on wheels... could accompany the Good...
  8. froglips

    Save Alamance Community College Woodturning class!!

    I learned yesterday from my father, who has been going to the ACC Woodturning Class taught by Bill and Jim Wallace, that its in danger of being canceled. I will refrain from comments about the reasons, as I'd be forced to moderate myself. The deal is, Senior Citizens no longer can attend this...
  9. gordonmt

    community work sharp for the charlotte area

    I was at the Klingspor show this last weekend and saw a great presentation by one of our own on the use of the work sharp tool sharpening system. It seemed quick, easy and a very good system. Then I got to looking into the purchase of the work sharp and the 3000 goes for about $300. That...
  10. G

    Hi everyone-This is a great community!

    Hello from Kannapolis:!: Well to start out, I moved down to NC from Upstate NY in Dec 05. I have been involved in woodworking since I was a teen.(A Long Long time ago). I have spent the last 32 years either in the Army or working for them. I never really set up a woodworking shop until I got...
  11. walnutjerry

    New to the Community

    Hello all----I just recently registered as a member of the NCWW site and would like to share some of my background. Born and raised in Rowan county------have lived within a 10 mile radius all my life. Most of my working life was spent as a bricklayer. I also spent 5 years with a millwork...
  12. kbcrafter

    Hello to the community

    Hi Everyone. My name is Kevin. I live over in Waynesville in Haywood County. I've been involved in woodworking for many years and have build a number of furniture pieces. In the past I've done a lot in white pine and fir. I recently started working for a reclaim lumber dealer in the area and am...

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