1. JeepMr

    Dust Collection Bag

    I finally put together my 2HP HF Dust Collector that I paid $17 for. On sale, coupon, this, that and the other, I walked out paying $17. It was a good day. My question is where do I get a 2 micron bag for it that I have been hearing about?
  2. C

    dust collection question

    I just purchased a new HF dustcollector. I noticed that there is a larg mesh screen in the intake. Do most of you leave the screen in or remove it?
  3. manfre

    Jet Dust Collection & Air Filtration sale OFFER GOOD: MAY 18TH TO 25TH, 2011. Pair the new Vortex Cone dust collection technology with the AFS-1000B. When you purchases an 1100 Vortex Cone series unit, you will be able to buy the AFS unit at a discounted price. Save 40% on an AFS-1000B with...
  4. Glennbear

    TS Dust Collection Improvement Tip

    Just a tip that has worked for me. I have a Ridgid hybrid tablesaw with the dust collection connection at the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet as shipped from the factory had a lot of air leaks which I sealed with gaffer's tape to improve dust extraction but that still left the large cut out...
  5. Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe. The 3hp Super Dust Gorilla, purchased from Scott Smith.
  6. Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe. 6" pipe for the router/downdraft table to be built. The 4" pipe will connect to the overarm blade guard given to me by Steve Coles.
  7. Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe. Opened up the port on the Grizzly 1023Z to 6". What a difference from the old 4" pipe.
  8. Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe. 6" to three 4". These will be used for tools on wheels, the planer, band saw, etc. Possibly one 4" run to the bench top.
  9. Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe. 4" floor sweep and 4" hose for drill press. Grizzly/Shop Fox adustable dust pickup.
  10. Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe

    Dust Collection Pipe. 5" floor sweep and 6" pipe for Miter Saw Station.
  11. R

    Manning Rare Woods Collection

    Interesting read...I use to date a lady friend who went to school at RISD. I wish I had known about this back then while I was still up there.
  12. Rhythm House Drums

    Dust Collection 4 inch or 6 inch

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this... but.. I've got this DC It's 1.5 hp with a 6" port, but it comes with a connecting Y with 2 4" ports. Would using a 4" port right off the machine...
  13. HMH

    Handheld router dust collection ideas

    We all have vacuum/ DC connections on our saws, jointers, planers, sanders, etc, but what do you do for your handheld routers, (other than buy a Festool :wink_smil)? I have a couple PC 690's that are my go to for most handheld use, but they can really kick out the dust. Apparently Porter...
  14. B

    Vintage Plane collection for sale

    Not mine, no relation, Charlotte Craig's List... 5 Lot Vintage Stanley, Capwell, USA Block Planes - $96 (Huntersville NC) Date: 2011-01-14, 12:47PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 5 lot of used vintage woodworking block planes. In very good...
  15. B

    Dust Collection For Bosch 1617 Plunge Base

    Looking for dust collection for a Bosch 1617 plunge base router. I think it may be number RA1173 or RA1173AT.. I need it for doing router bowls. Thanks, Jim
  16. dust collection

    dust collection

    putting up our dust collection system
  17. dlrion

    Dust collection at it's finest!

    I have been out in the shop listening to podcasts, doing woodworking all day long! I have been running the dust collector about half the time, and decided to take a photo. This is the best filter available! Just blow it out the back! View image in gallery
  18. kooshball

    hand held router dust collection

    I read an article in FWW a month back by Gregory regarding some heavy duty plunge routers. The only one that seemed to have any actual dust collection ability was the Festool. The price and size of that router may be more than I need at the moment so I am now looking at the Festool 1400 EQ...
  19. MrAudio815

    Where do you get 5" dust collection hose?

    Hey everyone, Just trying to find the best/cheapest place to get 5" dust collection hose? I have found 5" X 10 for $27.65 and that's including shipping: But...
  20. S

    A dust collection question

    For those of you using a dust collector such as HF, Grizzly, etc --I have made a garbage can pre-separator or cyclone (AKA Thein design) and I wonder what purpose the HF lower clear plastic bag now serves? Any reason I can't dispose of this, block off the bottom and set the separator in it's...

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