1. Tarhead

    Woodmaster #2640 26" Drum Sander for $500 on CLT Craigslist (not mine)
  2. J

    Woodtek DC on Raleigh CLT

    Found on Raleigh Craigs list :
  3. J

    Delta DC-380 15" planer on CLT

    Found on Raleigh CLT: Jimmy:-)
  4. A

    4 Wood Planes on CLT Craigs list

    Somebody buy these before I talk myself in to it! Sparse information but they gotta be worth $ 10 bucks each ya know?
  5. Tarhead

    DW735 CLT Craigslist for $350
  6. Tarhead

    Bosch 1250DEVS 6" Dual Mode ROS CLT Craigslist

    I have one of these and it is a great sander. Good dust collection too. Jump fast. Not my ad: Bosch Random orbital sander - $160 Reply to: Date: 2007-12-11, 1:45PM EST Bosch 1250DEVS 6.5 Amp 6-Inch...
  7. A

    hardware for sale CLT Craigslist tempting but i can't walk in my garage as it is.
  8. A

    Free Puppies - Clt

    Got this from a guy at work. If interested let me know I'll send the contact information. Please forward to anyone you know that might want a puppy, or know someone who does! ***************************** These puppies are in a neighborhood in Barclay Downs. If you are interested or...
  9. Tarhead

    Good Deals on CLT Craigslist

    Guy in Ft. Mill, SC closing up shop. New Unisaw w/52" Beis, Ridgid drillpress, Planer, etc $2,012.00
  10. Tarhead

    CLT CL: Jet 10 inch Table Saw - $200 NOT MINE
  11. Tarhead

    Tormek on CLT Craig's List

    Looks like a deal!
  12. Tarhead

    Pipe Threader in the CLT Area?

    I found some 3/4" stainless steel and regular steel pipe at a salvage yard and want to make clamps out of it. Can the stainless be threaded? Does anyone have a pipe theader that could help? Thanks! Mark
  13. Tarhead

    Delta TS $100 CLT Craig's List (not mine) Not sure what this is but interesting for $100. It's set up like my old King Seely with the tilt wheel on the right.
  14. Tarhead

    20" Planer($800) and 8" Jointer w/Spiral Cutter($700) on CLT Craigslist

    20" planer 8" jointer W/ Spiral cutterhead
  15. A

    Free CRAFTSMAN Table Saw needs Motor - CLT

    Merry Christmas to someone! Craftsman 10 inch table saw
  16. jtdums

    Entire Shop on CLT Craigs list

    Great starter shop up for sale. Check this one out. Woodworking shop Not mine just passing it along.
  17. A

    screaming deal on JET Hybrid in Clt

    Not mine but I wish I had the $$ for it! Table Saw
  18. Tarhead

    CLT Craig's List Powermatic 45 Lathe

    Saw this when I picked up the Oneida cyclone he had for sale. This lathe must weigh 1000lbs!
  19. Tarhead

    Laminate offcuts and Shop/Garage Flooring CLT Habitat ReStore

    I was by the store on Westover (across from the Home Depot) this morning. Laminate offcuts back against the wall next to the wood trim and Corian/Marble/Granite pieces. Several big pieces, different colors (no white). Not priced. Heavy duty, 1/4" thick, dark gray, non-slip, sand textured...

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