1. Gotcha6

    CLT CL Lumber & tools

    Not mine - I just saw it posted.
  2. WoodWrangler

    CLT CL: Delta Air Cleaners

    NOT MINE air cleaners delta model #50-860 (waxhaw) Reply to: [?] Date: 2009-02-06, 7:47AM EST 2 delta air cleaners excellent condition with eye bolts for cieling mount both with electro-static washable...
  3. WoodWrangler

    CLT CL: Powermatic Mortiser

    NOT MINE Mortiser Powermatic Model 701 (Waxhaw) Reply to: [?] Date: 2009-02-06, 7:41AM EST Like new, barely used, Mounted on new shopfox bench included is 3/8" chisel and auger with original manual,over a...
  4. A

    Oneida DC on CLT Craigslist

    I figure Jeremy's already bought it. But I'd give you guys a fighting chance. I think Craig himself must sms Jeremy when the good deals are listed.:rotflm:
  5. Gotcha6

    CLT CL Delta Wood Lathe $100

    Not mine - just saw it.
  6. PChristy

    Woodworking Tools (Clt. near Airport)

    Not mine Rigid Belt / Drum Sander $100.00 Porter Cable Profile Sander $50.00 Box Joint jig $50.00 Large collection of woodworking books and mags. $20.00 for all. Bessey K-body clamps $20.00 each. Set of forstner bits $50.00.
  7. A

    Nice DELTA RAS on CLT Craigslist
  8. A

    24" Wide Belt on CLT Craigslist Sander wide belt type - $2894 (Mint Hill) Reply to: [?] Date: 2008-10-16, 12:37PM EDT 25" wide belt sander for small cabinet shop operation. Sells new at over $5900. 220 volt 1 phase 7.5 HP Excellent...
  9. A

    WADKIN Planer on CLT Craigslist
  10. Tarhead

    Red Scrollsaw $60 on CLT Craig's List

    Not mine: Is this a Hegner? If so it's the deal of all deals.
  11. Tarhead

    DW735 Planer for $225 on CLT CL (not mine) Best price I've seen in a while. Looks well used so check it out real well.
  12. Gotcha6

    On CLT CL in Salisbury - Grizzly TS setup
  13. Tarhead

    PM64 on CLT Craig's List $500 (Not mine)
  14. D

    Rickom 10-320 on CLT CL

    Maybe a good deal for someone.
  15. Tarhead

    Inca TS/Mortiser on CLT CL

    Not mine. Made by the same Swiss company who make the bodies for Leica cameras. These don't show up very often anywhere and would be an awesome tool for small shops. The top tilts for angled cuts.
  16. Gotcha6

    CLT CL: Cabinet shop eqpt. in Marshville

    Don't know the man - don't know the prices.
  17. Tarhead

    bosch jig saw model 1590evs - $50 on CLT CL

    Not mine. Better jump on it, it's a goodin. Not mine
  18. J

    For Charlotte folks CLT- Unisaw

    Listed on Raleigh CLT for Aiken,SC mostly metal working, but there is a Unisaw.
  19. A

    CLT Craig's List Travel Trailer

    for $ 1,000 there's gotta be something wrong with it: None the less if you need one this could be a good buy.
  20. Gotcha6

    CLT CL Jet TS $1000

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