1. A

    Festool Domino on CLT Craigslist

    not mine
  2. B

    Holly on Clt Craig's list

    If anyone is headed this way I'd love to have a few BF of Holly. I believe it is KD but would need to confirm since it is not stated in ad. White Holly 4/4 Available - $4 (Grover, NC) Date: 2010-07-12, 10:54AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  3. Tarhead

    16" Jointer on CLT CL $450

    Someone grab this: PLANNER HUGE - $450 (York) Date: 2010-07-10, 11:40AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Huge Planner NO NO HUGE PLANNR works great when taken out of shop has a 5hp 3...
  4. jtdums

    Black Walnut on CLT Craigslist

    Not mine. Black Walnut logs. Love to turn some, but can't get down there. Good Luck.
  5. B

    Jet 14" bandsaw & mortiser on Clt CL

    Looks like a deal, not mine, no relation, etc... Same person apparently listed a Jet benchtop mortiser for $100 Jet Band Saw - $150 (Davidson,NC) Date: 2010-06-23, 12:31PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Jet band saw with three saw bands...
  6. C

    Ryobi BT3100 - $75 CLT CL Not mine. I have one though and this is a great price. Would almost get it as a backup if I could make it up to UNCC this week.
  7. Gotcha6

    Vacuum pump @ CLT Habitat

    CLT Habitat @ Wendover has a new refrigeration - a/c grade vacuum pump for $150. This would make someone a great vac press. No gauges but pump is complete.
  8. B

    Dewalt Planer deal, Clt CL

    Not mine, no association, etc but a great deal! DEWALT SUFACE PLANER - LIKE NEW - $300 (DAVIDSON) Date: 2010-06-11, 5:16PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Used once! Originally $600+ at Lowes / H.D. Fine and superfine adjustments, dust...
  9. LeeNC

    Lei-Nielsen in CLT May 15th and 16th?!!!

    OK this may be old news but some how I missed it. Was it just not well published or did I miss something? (It would not be the first time) I am on kid duty Sat. and will just have to take them with me. Talk about just too good to pass up.
  10. Tarhead

    Grizzly Model No. G0555--14" Ultimate Bandsaw Salisbury, CLT CL

    Not mine...somebody grab this quick! Band Saw--14" Grizzly - $225 (Salisbury) Date: 2010-05-01, 8:13PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Grizzly Model No. G0555--14" Ultimate Bandsaw With...
  11. A

    Dewaly 735 on CLT Craigslist not mine

    Well my last find was soundly booed as a POS. So maybe I can redeem myself with this little jewel. Planer - $300 (Charlotte) Date: 2010-04-30, 1:22PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  12. C

    Jet Table Saw CLT CL - $285

    Not Mine... Free standing full size table saw fully adjustable, works great just don't have the need for it anymore call 704-507-7126 or 704-890-7714 Paid 750.00 take 285.00
  13. Tarhead

    Robland X31 Combination Machine on CLT CL

    Ain't mine. Would love to have it though. The seller is renewing the ad every week so search for TABLE SAW/MULTI-MACHINE on CLT CL under tools. If I put a link to this ad it will die in a week. **TABLE SAW/MULTI-MACHINE** (MONROE) Date: 2010-04-19, 10:16AM EDT Reply to: see below...
  14. SteveCogs

    CL: 52in Biesemeyer Fence and Rails - $200 (clt)

    Not mine. Might be a good upgrade for someone. 52 in Fence and Rail package sitting in my shop and needs to go $400 new never used bought new saw with biese fence included. want 200 but can negotiate. Call704-578-6097
  15. C

    Unisaw w/Biesemeyer - $476 CLT CL

    Not Mine... "Delta Rockwell Unisaw with Biesemeyer Fence,3 HP motor,,Great running saw,Dado Blades,a real work horse... 336-295-2117 "
  16. nelsone

    Anyone in Clt have a lathe duplicator?

    I do some small projects for a lady in Charlotte that needs a semi steady flow of turned feet for some boxes she makes. I tried some freehand, but my defect rate will be too high! I haven;t talked price or qty yet. Anyone interested? Makes for a little tool money!
  17. C

    17" Grizzly Bandsaw - $675 CLT CL

    Not Mine, but wish it was... Grizzly has them for $944 after shipping, not sure how much they come down on sales though.
  18. Gotcha6

    Sawmill on CL CLT $2,000

    Not mine.... PTO driven.
  19. C

    WW tools on CLT CL - Lots of Delta and a DW788

    Not mine, might be some good deals if anyone's interested - HUGE..HUGE Tool Sale.......Master craftsman and cabinet maker. Selling off entire contents of workshop. 6hp 60 gall compressor, campbell extreme duty mortising machine, delta...
  20. C

    Possible BT3000 for $55 on Clt CL

    Not sure if it's a BT3000. Not mine -

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