1. Stuart Kent

    help improve dual drum sander

    Hi all, I have a 26" Steel City Dual drum sander; I have struggled to keep paper on it since the day I bought it. It really is a good machine when it works and I'd like to find a way to make it work reliably. I've tried tape. I've tried adjusting the clips (they are simply junk). The machine is...
  2. steelcitydc


  3. J

    Steel City BS

    I was looking at a Steel City BS Anyone Know anything about them, I have never own Steel City tools. Thanks in advance!
  4. farmerbw

    Steel City cab saw RAL CL

    The usual, not mine don't know the dude and can't vouch for it being a steal, but it looks like not a bad deal. The thing that drew my attention to the ad was this statement in the ad. :rotflm: Linky Table Saw Outfit - Pro model - $800 (NW Raleigh) Date: 2011-11-01, 9:03AM EDT Reply to...
  5. JCraig

    Steel City Saw $800

    Not mine. Don't know if this is a good deal or not.
  6. tool gloat

    tool gloat

    Steel City granite wood lathe.
  7. A group picture

    A group picture

    From Left, Top Row: Nettie Turpin, b4man (Barbara Forman), cskipper (Cathy Skipper), gotcha6 (Dennis Reynolds); Middle Row: Aplpickr (Bill Turpin), cpw (Charles Wiggins) and sawman101 (Bruce Swanson); Front Row: Mcrabbet (Rob Payne) and Robin Wiggins.
  8. More of the Turpin's Work

    More of the Turpin's Work

    and more of Bill and Nettie's work ... just fantastic.
  9. More of the Turpin's Work

    More of the Turpin's Work

    Some of aplpickr's pens..
  10. More of the Turpin's Work

    More of the Turpin's Work

    and the sun worshipper's staying warm!
  11. Some MOre of Sawman101's work

    Some MOre of Sawman101's work

    Sadly, Bruce had an accident with the cross on the right -- its pedestal is at the right rear.
  12. Sawman101's Scrollwork

    Sawman101's Scrollwork

    Bruce brought some of his winning pieces, including his winner of the 8-foot 2x4 contest -- the clock on ethe left.
  13. Examining some turning work

    Examining some turning work

    Nettie Turpin, Mark Stewart (Steelwheel1999), Cathy Skipper (cskipper) and Bill Turpin (aplpickr) looking at some of Bill and Nettie's beautiful work.
  14. Just Staying Warm!

    Just Staying Warm!

    John Skipper, Barbara Forman (b4man) and Charles Wiggins (cpw) staying in the sunshine on this cool day.
  15. 100_6541


    Bruce (Sawman101) and Dennis (Gotcha6) catching up as the carcoal gets going.
  16. b4man

    Fall Picnic in Forest City

    Boy oh boy can McRabbett cook a burger!:icon_thum We had a great time today thanks to everybody who came! Yes, it did happen and somebody has pix:gar-Bi Thanks to Dennis and Rob for working so hard to feed us well.
  17. bluthart

    PE Request - Dale City VA to Charlotte NC

    Hello folks! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me get 6 boxes of hardwood flooring from Dale City VA to near Charlotte NC. The boxes are about 6 feet long by a foot wide by 5 inches thick and weigh 50 lbs each. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. J

    PE Request, Fayetteville to Morehead City

    The cargo is simple: me. I would like to go see a good friend, but my truck was stolen a couple of months ago. I'd like to get to her place fairly early in the morning (9 or 10-ish) and come back here that evening. I'm willing to pay for gas. I'd really like to do it this coming Saturday...
  19. manfre

    Table Saw Commercial Line Steel City Saw, Planer, Joiner, dust colle - $5900 (Monroe)

    This would be a lot more interesting if he would sell by the piece. Makes me wonder what is wrong with the set or some of the tools that would push the seller to only sell as a full package. Table Saw Commercial Line Steel City Saw...

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