1. T

    HELP... I have the chance to buy PSI Turncrafter Pro HELP

    I have the chance to buy this for $226.03 total the seller offered me a second chance auction... I am not in a rush for a lathe I just want a good quality and a good deal... I have had this on a wish list on Amazon and it goes for like $367 there... I have been waiting to find a used lathe a jet...
  2. M

    Chance mtg. on the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

    Stopped off at the Appalchain Folk Art Center yesterday while my wife and I were heading back from Asheville. Happened to make the acquaintance of Dino Drosus, as we were both dissecting and commenting on a maple nightstand. Had a great time chatting with him. Proof positive of the good quality...
  3. M

    Last chance for a lucky person

    As all of you know, we held the drawing for the Fall NCWoodworker Raffle on November 20th, but one prize has presented challenges for the winners -- it is the Gregory Paolini class at The Woodworking Source in Mooresville on December 4-5 (next weekend). We have drawn several tickets (well over...
  4. SteveColes

    Now your chance to beat up on me

    Now that it has been announced that I will be the next webmaster, I thought I should attempt to try correct or at soothe any personnel issues with me. I know that partially becuase of some misguided actions and some obscure wording on my part, that some of you have reservations about me...
  5. M

    Raffle Online Sales Closed -- Picnic is Last Chance

    As of 6:00 PM this evening, online ticket sales have ceased. You will have only one further opportunity to purchase tickets -- at the NC Woodworker Picnic on Saturday, May 22nd. All ticket purchases must be made with a good old American Abraham Lincoln $5 bill (or buy 2 tickets for an...
  6. froglips

    GSC Shop Crawl, last chance to sign up!

    If you've been putting off signing up for the Geodesic Shop Crawl, time is running out. If you wait until monday, it will be too late! Weather report is (knock on wood), mid 60's and clear!!!! Rob has lined up some amazingly varied shops. In addition to a grilled lunch (and the...
  7. R

    Last chance to see 91 Biltmore!

    It's our very last day in our great space at 91 Biltmore Ave.! We renovated an old service station to make a really cool space. The space is on a main road and we tried to cater to the general public with some hardware store offerings. We have now changed so that we cater only to...
  8. PChristy

    Last Chance for Summer savings??

    Another HF summer sale
  9. SteveColes

    Updated: Pre-Orders Closed

    Pre-Orders are now closed, SorryOK, the time has come. This will be your last chance to but your calendars at $16.50 including S&H. After that calendars will be $18.00 plus shipping.:elvis::swoon: I will close purchases sometime Tuesday 10/7 . You'll know when it's closed becuase the links...
  10. SteveColes

    Ok, now's your chance to give Scott Smith a hand

    I just heard from Scott about his needs for help. He needs help this Sat(5th) and Sun(6th). This first will NOT be the glamorous "barn raising". It will be nasty, dirty clean up. I would advise than anyone coming bring some form of breathing particle filter. If you have any serious respiratory...
  11. SteveColes

    Last Chance to get on Klingspor's discount list for June

    The way the Klingspor discount will work is that I will be sending them DQ list every month. If you are not on the list, you will have to wait at least a month to get on. The list for June will be sent out on Sunday the 27th or Monday the 28th, depending on my schedule. There are a lot more of...
  12. SteveColes

    Polo Shirts - Last Chance

    I will have the approval shirts in my hands tomorrow afternoon. Assuming, there are no problems, I will be placing the order Friday. So if you haven't placed your with me via PM by then, it will be too late. Also, tonight I will be sending those who ordered a confirmation request to double...

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