1. S

    Treating old barn wood for bugs

    I am taking down a 100 year old barn and trying to salvage any of the wood that is not rotten. I am worried about bugs. I have seen some little (and I mean teenie tiny) gray bugs in some of the pieces. I have sprayed the wood several times with bug killer but I need to be sure before I use it...
  2. zapdafish


    Under notifications I have new likes received 1 :icon_cheers when I click on it, I get :gar-Cr Not Found The requested URL /member.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request...
  3. K

    I've caught the bug...

    I guess I shouldn't have taken the Dovetail, M&T class at the Woodwright's School. That ended up getting me to sign up for the mystery mallet class. And that ended up getting me to buy some handtools from the store above the school. I broke down and bought more then a few things.... (I'll take...
  4. Y

    Who or what started your WWing bug

    Who or what started your wood working bug, for me it was my my first daughter. We needed a crib for her. The cribs that I thought worthy of holding my child, was simply out of my price range. So off to sears we go. Skill saw and a square and a lot of sand paper and many hours of hard labor she...
  5. Sealeveler


    I had a bug warning last night on a desktop with a different antivirus and a trojan horse blocked on a laptop with avast this morning.Tony
  6. buildintechie

    Bug Report: Kreg Ad

    All- The Kreg ad on the right side of the page has a broken linky. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  7. Joe Scharle

    Bug Report - Character Map bug

    I'm seeing a few these lately. I (at age 38-) pay (cut & pasted) I just composed a reply to a mg and I can dupe it there but not here. (38)
  8. SteveColes

    Bug Reporting

    Please remember to use the Help Desk as your primary means of problem and bug reporting. The contact link is meant for non-members, members who can't login, and once in a while if your problem report contains private information. Thanks, Steve
  9. Sawdust Denny

    Workshop Home to Large Bug

    This is the first prototype of a grasshopper pull toy I want to start making for friends and relatives with small children. While I am pleased with the way this one turned out there are still a few bugs to work out. :rotflm: Although it is brown in color it is also "Green" since it was made from...
  10. Klingspor 2009

    Klingspor 2009

  11. CrealBilly


    After several attempts I got a picture uploaded to my pen blank ad and all the comments disappeared. No big deal really but just so we are clear FredP was the first to respond so if he wants them they are his. You may want to look into this bug closer when things start disappearing it seems like...
  12. MrAudio815

    Ever get the Segmented Bug?

    Hey Everyone, Welp I DID IT! Yup my First Segment. After buying the two books pictured & My awesome sister having a :new_birth I decided to make her a present. So here it is from start to finish: I would also like to Thank My Darkside Father Earl, my Teacher and all the great things...
  13. mshel

    bug report

    When I get a PM and then delete it, I get another notification of the same PM I deleted. When I click on the link, it goes to the PM location but the PM isn't there. This has happened at least twice or more with me. No big deal but thought you would want to know. Mike
  14. SteveHall

    New Posts bug?

    There is a bug in the New Posts link that apparently ignores threads to which the user has posted. For example, right now I'm trying to find this thread posted to as of 8:34pm last night. But it is not shown in the New Posts list (for me). This happens for all my threads, perhaps there is a...
  15. SteveColes

    New Feature - Bug and Problem

    I intended with your agreement to replace our current "Bugs & Problems" forum with this new system. Please feel free to add bugs both real and fake so you can used to the system and tell me what you think. In fact I've added the PM problem, so let's switch to using it for tracking the status...

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