1. DSCN00551


    Bed with Lighthouse in corners
  2. DSCN0054


    Bed with Lighthouse in corners
  3. Mr. Bill

    The bed that Grampa made

    Most of the work I see on this site is amazing! You guys are craftsmen. I, on the other hand, can occasionally "make something out of wood." It's not usually a work of art but I do have fun. I recently found a bunk bed plan in the Lowe's magazine. I wanted to make the set for my grandson but...
  4. Larry Rose

    WIP Baby Bed

    Between the heat wave and beach trips and my being just plain lazy, I have made a little progress on the bed for my grandchild that's on the way (my son Sandys). This bed is convertable to full size by unbolting the sides (not compleated yet) and replacing with rails. If I don't get in a faster...
  5. 100_1171


  6. blanket chest and bed

    blanket chest and bed

    Full size bed that is an adaptation of a bed by Thomas Day. It's 600 lbs of recycled heart pine with a shellac finish. It's hardware was made by a local blacksmith. The raised paneled chest is an exact copy of a 1690 blanket chest from Chowan Co., NC. It is walnut with eastern red cedar as a...
  7. Curly Maple and Cherry King Size Bed

    Curly Maple and Cherry King Size Bed

  8. B

    Toddler Bed Finished - Finally!

    This is my first "real" woodworking project. I made this for my girlfriendls three year old daughter. It's made out of poplar and has been stained (per the boss's orders) using General Finishe’s "Candlelight". This was intended to be a scaled down sleigh bed. This project was full...
  9. 02blues

    Steam Box design for springy lathe #2 for bed posts!

    Hi Guys: To make the 7foot poster bed I needed a bigger lathe... to make this lathe I need a steam box..go figure... Looking around for a steam box design. I saw Mike Dunbars PVC method and was ready to go but started to wonder what leaches out of PVC at 212F as it softens. I have read CPVC...
  10. F

    CLT CL: SAWMILL for Sale, Timberking 18' bed 704-435-2120 - $4500 (Cherryville) Not mine, just saw it.
  11. WoodWrangler

    Request for Lathe Bed Gap Measurements

    Calling all mid- and full-size lathe owners! I need your help :help: Can you reply in this thread with the make/model of your lathe and the measurement of the gap/space in your lathe bed (see image)? Be as accurate as your tools will allow, but machinist accuracy is not required. Reported...
  12. TN Woodie

    King Size Bed

    A friend of mine in Asheville is very interested in finding someone to make this bed for him. I will forward messages to him from this site. His preference would be walnut (since most of his other bedroom furniture is walnut). Hix second choice would be mahogany. He does NOT need whoever...
  13. Rob

    Not a spare bed room any longer

    I had a spare room off of my basement shop that we used as a spare bedroom. Since my daughter moved out, we converted her room into the spare room, giving me room for something else. A finishing/wood storage room. Finally installed the panel saw thingy that I got from Micheal Garner (thanks...
  14. b4man

    Bed frame roller stop help

    Don't know if this is the best place to post this but here goes: I have hardwood floors and two of my beds are on wide, oblong rollers. I can't find a way to stop the bed from moving around when....uh, well :embaresse the dogs jump up on the bed and it rolls across the room!:gar-La; I'm...
  15. TN Woodie

    King sized bed, distressed maple

    This was in the want ads, but I guess this is more appropriate. A friend in Asheville wants this bed re-created for him. He wants it made from maple, finished "English Maple", and distressed, like this one. He is looking for someone to build this bed for him. This is beyond my expertise. Bed...
  16. TracyP

    Jim Mauldins Bed

    In a help desk thread this was referenced by Jim Mauldin as a new bed he made and wanted to post it on the home page. There is not a way that I know of to keep a photo on the home page exclusively. Hope this is ok Jim. Great Job by the way Jim
  17. jmauldin

    [Problem-Gallery] fire engine bed for grandson

    I just posted some pics of a bed I made for our grandson. Wanted it to show up on the home page but it ended up in the photo gallery. Can you also post it on the home site? Jim
  18. JOAT

    Inspiration - Loft Bed

    Googling and ran across this, which seems neat, but I still haven't quite figured it out. However, that link led me to this which is probably...
  19. froglips

    Jointer bed.........

    I was reading Mark Duginski's book on tool setup for the jointer, something popped into my head. Anyone ever seen a jointer bed that was not a sold surface? Maybe some sort of open diamond pattern or a "grate". Something like what I see on some table saw wings. In my "so called mind"...
  20. WoodWrangler

    Queen Bed Finished!

    As you may recall, for TOO LONG I've had this queen bed project hanging around my shop. It started as a friend who wanted to build it himself, with my tools of course ... but that never happened, so I built it just to get it out of my shop. I made him sand it though ... figured he could do the...

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