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  1. bluthart

    50 BF 4/4 Poplar $75

    I have a bunch of kiln dried poplar I need to get rid of to make some space. It is kiln dried 4/4 61" long, 4-10" wide, nice and straight and flat. I will sell 50 BF bundles for $75 or more if needed. Basically $1.50 BF. Located in Iron Station, NC. Thanks for looking!
  2. bluthart

    4/4 Ash $1.50BF - Charlotte area

    I have 243 BF of kiln dried 4/4 ash for sale. $1.50/BF or will sell all for $350.00. Lengths are 61" and widths 4" to 12". I NEED TO GET IT OUT OF MY SHOP. Available ASAP.
  3. CrealBilly

    350 BF 4/4 Red Oak

    350 bf of 4/4 Flat Sawn Air Dried Red Oak $350.00 - random width between 11 and 4". I will load on to my pickup and deliver within 2 hours of of Oxford NC. I recall it was pretty clean lumber when I sawed it and it's been on sticks under my leanto for 2 years.
  4. RandyJ

    Need 30 bdft of 4/4 dry Hard Maple

    I am in need of about 30 bdft of reasonably priced Hard Maple for a upcoming project. It needs to be dried and as clear as possible. Short lengths (6ft) are ok. I would like to pick it up asap. Shoot me a PM with price if you can help. Thanks in advance for any assistance:icon_thum
  5. sawduster2

    Wood Run - 4/4 red oak & white oak

    I am driving from Virginia to Orlando, FL on Oct. 7 and plan to haul 200 - 400 bd. ft. of lumber all or part way to help pay for my gas. I have some excellent kiln dried (6 -8% MC) 4/4 select red oak ($2.50/bd.ft.) & white oak ($2.85) in 4 - 5' lengths that I can deliver to points along the way...
  6. P

    For Sale: Clear 4/4 and 5/4 Banak and 5/4 Mahogany

    For sale in Durham, NC is 4/4 and 5/4 Banak as well as 5/4 Mahogany 5/4 Mahogany is 400 board feet. It is planed on both sides. 5/4 x 5-9'' x 9-10'. 5/4 Banak is 500 board feet. The boards are rough cut. 5/4 x 4-9'' x 13'2''. 4/4 Banak is +/-85 board feet. 4/4 x 4-6'' x 6'...
  7. bluthart

    4/4 Ash for Sale - LOWER PRICE!!

    *REDUCED PRICE* I have approximately 100 BF of kiln dried ash available. I am trying to make room in my shop. I will sell for $1.50/BF, or less if you buy a lot. They are 5 ft lengths. I just knocked the price down because I need the room.
  8. bluthart

    4/4 Poplar for Sale - REDUCED PRICE

    I have some beautiful kiln dried, rough sawn, clear 4/4 poplar lumber for sale. Lengths are in 5 foot or 7 foot lenghts, widths from 4" and wider. No cupping or bends - nice flat boards. I have approximately 300 BF, but I will split it into smaller orders. $1.50 / BF. Thanks for looking! HELP...
  9. kooshball

    Looking for 4/4 or 5/4 rough poplar lumber near Apex

    Need about 40 bdft of 4/4 or 5/4 poplar for drawer sides and dresser carcass bottom preferably near Apex; any ideas? Thanks
  10. S

    Holly 4/4 $4.50, Grover, NC - not mine

  11. S

    4/4 kiln-dried clear Ash: $2.60 bf

  12. S

    4/4 Eastern Red Cedar: $2 bf

    4/4 rough cut eastern red cedar. 4" widths x 8' lengths. Shorter lengths also available. Dry and ready to use. $2 bf. Located in Bath, NC.
  13. S

    4/4 kiln dried oak: $2.50 bf OBO

    I have some excess kiln dried oak that I would like to liquidate. It is 4/4 with widths of 6", 7", and 8". I have quite a bit of the 6" width, and less of the 7" and 8". Most of the boards are 10' long, but some are shorter or longer. Most of the boards are clear and free of defects. Most of it...
  14. eyekode

    White Oak 4/4 and 8/4 - .75 per bd/ft

    I know you guys can (and do) read craigslist but I had to post this one: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/mat/1520408880.html He just finished building a porch with this some of this wood (looks great by the way). I drove out and met Paul today. A really nice guy and the wood is nice too :)...
  15. C

    4/4, 8/4 Flaming Birch, 8/4 FAS 10 and wider Walnut

    Hey guys, Among other things, we just got in some Flaming Birch, Birdseye Maple and 8/4 FAS 10" and wider Walnut! All kiln dried.... 4/4 Flaming Birch - $6.00/bf 8/4 Flaming Birch - $6.50/bf 8/4 FAS Walnut 10" and wider - $6.50/bf I posted some pics in the member gallery! Also, as...
  16. C

    113bf bundle 4/4 Afr. Mahogany - WIDE boards

    113bf Afr. Mahogany 4/4 - kiln dried, surfaced 15/16, Select - all btw 14"-18" - $450.00 Shoot us an email for photos All kinds of other hardwoods available also! Great low prices - delivery available Give Bill or Gwen a call 864 325 9965 Carolina Lumber Sourcing info@lumbersourcing.com...
  17. B

    Looking for ~100 bfd 4/4 poplar

    Hello, Does anyone out there has some spare poplar for sale close to Durham? I am looking for about 100 bfd of 4/4 poplar , but must be dried (i.e ready to use). Cheers, Bernhard
  18. PChristy

    4/4 Oak Boards?

    I have had some 4/4 Oak boards under our deck drying since last November that I got from a local saw mill to do some trimming in our kitchen. What would be the best way to be sure that I do not have any problems in the future with it cracking/splitting/moving -etc - I do not have a meter and do...
  19. PeteM

    4/4 and 8/4 curly maple in Charlotte CL

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mat/1292256140.html Not mine but it was listed under "materials" so it might go unnoticed. pete
  20. C

    4/4 Curly Maple - $4.50/bf

    4/4 Curly Maple - kiln dried, surfaced 15/16, FAS $4.50/bf - Really nice stuff! Approx 600bf left. Please call 864 325 9965 Greenville, SC

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