Wide Slab Flattening, Kiln Drying, Heat Sterilizing (Bug Kill), Belt Sanding, Sawmilling, Woodshop Services near Raleigh Durham North Carolina


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We offer a variety of services to NC Woodworkers who want to make wide slab tables, epoxy river tables, kitchen island countertops, and coffee tables.

No log is too big for our extra-wide sawmill - we can cut up to 8-feet wide slabs! We have equipment on-site to lift up to 15,000-pound logs. We offer pickup and delivery too.

We can flatten your wood slabs or tabletops up to 6-feet wide and 18-feet long.

We can quickly plane and sand your slab or tabletop up to 3-feet wide.

We can kiln-dry and heat-sterilize your wood in one of our four iDRY Vacuum Kilns up to 5.5-feet wide and 16.5-feet long.

We also sell kiln-dried and pre-flattened live-edge wood slabs from local trees including - Black Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, White Oak, Red Oak, Poplar, Pecan, Hickory, and Sycamore.

Please contact me if we can help you at 919-808-7172 or avery@wildedgewoodcraft.com


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Looks like you can cover any need for large stock. Will definitely bookmark your site and keep you in mind for future projects.

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Looks like you've got some great capabilities and nice looking slabs. Quick question, I'm new to slabs, how is pricing done on slabs? Thanks!

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