1. WildEdgeWoodcraft

    Wide Slab Flattening, Kiln Drying, Heat Sterilizing (Bug Kill), Belt Sanding, Sawmilling, Woodshop Services near Raleigh Durham North Carolina

    We offer a variety of services to NC Woodworkers who want to make wide slab tables, epoxy river tables, kitchen island countertops, and coffee tables. No log is too big for our extra-wide sawmill - we can cut up to 8-feet wide slabs! We have equipment on-site to lift up to 15,000-pound logs...
  2. M

    NC Lumber/Services/Sawyers/Wood Lists in Google Maps Versions

    If there are new additions or missing/closed permanently sources listed, please let me know and I will get them added or removed. I would say that some of these folks do this work as a side job, so it's always best to call ahead and make an appointment rather than showing up at their home...
  3. B

    Kiln drying services

    Does anyone know of any kiln drying service in eastern NC or somewhere close. I am harvesting a 55'+ persimmon tree that blew down into a cotton field during a storm. I have only cut enough to get it out of the field and I did seal the cut ends. I plan on trying to rift saw as much as...
  4. T

    Hello from Carrboro

    Quick new member intro......thebruce...retired (not dead yet). I joined this group in hopes of finding others who might be interested in building a small Radio Frequency/Vacuum (RF/V) kiln for locally sawn materials. I am preparing to build a portable dryer which, at this stage, means...
  5. solar kiln

    solar kiln

  6. PChristy

    dry kiln from an old dishwasher?

    I need to dry some small pieces of spalted maple and my daughter has an old dishwasher - is there away I can use this dishwasher to make a kiln?
  7. R

    Eliminating mildew in old heart pine

    I have a whole lot of heart pine flooring which was kiln dried a few years ago. The company we bought it from is now out of business. Unfortunately, the wood was stored in a a dark warehouse for over 2 years. When we were finally ready to clean it and use it, we discovered it had a very musty...
  8. T

    Need some kiln dried red oak

    Afternoon all, I have not been on in quite a while, hope everyone is doing well these days... Starting to build a new entertainment center and find that I need some oak boards for some of the pieces as well as the trim... Looking to buy approx. 30 board feet, if my calculations are...
  9. Leviblue

    Cherry Pen Blanks - Cabinet Grade/ Kiln Dried

    Pen blanks for sale, most 3/4"x3/4"x5-1/4". Blanks are .75/ each. 20 can fit in a small flat rate box, actual cost to ship will be added to the sale or local pick up. Thanks, View image in gallery View image in gallery
  10. scsmith42

    How to move a solar kiln

    You've gotta just love NCWW! About a month ago Salem (Eyekode) sent me a PM asking me if I had seen the posting on the Raleigh Craigslist for a free solar kiln. Nope, I hadn't seen it (it was about 2 hours old when I received Salem's PM), so I checked out the listing and was intrigued. The...
  11. Crane pick

    Crane pick

  12. Installing skids on side of kiln

    Installing skids on side of kiln

  13. Pivoting kiln onto trailer 2

    Pivoting kiln onto trailer 2

  14. Pivoting kiln onto trailer

    Pivoting kiln onto trailer

  15. Kiln on trailer 2

    Kiln on trailer 2

  16. Kiln ready to pivot onto trailer

    Kiln ready to pivot onto trailer

  17. Installing temporary bracing inside kiln

    Installing temporary bracing inside kiln

  18. Arriving at the site

    Arriving at the site

  19. Kiln through crane cab window 2

    Kiln through crane cab window 2

  20. Kiln through crane cab window

    Kiln through crane cab window

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