1. Reference Handiwork

    Drum Sander Opinions

    Hey friends, I'm a Winston Salem based hobby woodworker hoping to buy a drum sander someday soon. I do a lot of cutting boards and similar glue-ups. I have a small shop but am dead set on getting larger space someday in the next couple of years. I'm open to both used and new machines and have...
  2. WildEdgeWoodcraft

    Wide Slab Flattening, Kiln Drying, Heat Sterilizing (Bug Kill), Belt Sanding, Sawmilling, Woodshop Services near Raleigh Durham North Carolina

    We offer a variety of services to NC Woodworkers who want to make wide slab tables, epoxy river tables, kitchen island countertops, and coffee tables. No log is too big for our extra-wide sawmill - we can cut up to 8-feet wide slabs! We have equipment on-site to lift up to 15,000-pound logs...
  3. steviegwood

    Plans for widebelt thickness sander

    Hi Folks, does anyone have any plans for making you own wide belt sander. I am in need of a thickness sander and I have a supply of 3' & 4' belts from a local cabinet company. The belts are used but I get then and wash them up and most are like new. I would like to be able to use these belts and...
  4. dovetailer

    Durham - anyone nearby with a wide-belt sander or lathe?

    I'm building a drop-leaf table and need some equipment that hasn't squeezed into my garage shop. I need to turn off-center-turned legs and haven't set up my lathe. I have my own lathe tools. I also need to run three 20" (75" long) wide walnut leaves through a wide-belt sander. If anyone has...

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