Walnut Segmented Dining Table is finished just in time to be a Christmas gift!

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To all,

Thanks for your assistance suggestions way back when with the table build. The surface of the table is 48 inches wide, 108 inches long, and 1 1/8 inches thick. It is made with 130 segments of walnut.
Build details…
1) Joined, planed and cut each of the 140 segments
(thank you to my wife Anne for her help).
2) Glued up 5 rows of segments into a panel using titebond extended
(so I could run the panels though the DW735)
3) Scraped the glue off the panels
4) Planed the panels
5) Edge joined the panel with my new (Used) Domino
(Thanks Berta)
6) Had the joined table top sanded at Raleigh Reclaimed
(Thanks Billy for doing the sanding on your 52 inch drum sander)
(Thanks to Scott Smith for the recommendation)
7) Cut the ends clean
8) Built the trestle
8) Routed the edges and corners
9) Applies black walnut danish oil
10) Applied General Finishes Water based top coat
11) Removed the old table
12) Assembled in the dining room
13) Sent this post

Mike and Dave – Thanks for your help throughout as well as well

For those of you paying attention, I did say the top was 130 segments and I finished 140 segments. I learned a while ago that when you are doing this kind of production work it does not hurt to have a few extra pieces just in case.



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Beautiful, just beautiful!

One question - how did you suspend that much wood from the ceiling (Table 1.jpg ) ? Now that is something I need to learn.:gar-La;
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