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as usual, they are all beautiful, but I LOVE that bowl with the 3-D window pane!

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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Beautiful as always. The first is my favorite


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Charlie, your work is always beautiful and today's offerings are (as they always are) beautiful! I really like the second one, it is more "bowl-like" than many of your other turnings, but all are special!


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Your work never ceases to amaze me and anyone who sees it -- awesome, Charlie! I can't pick a favorite as they are all superb!

Bear Republic

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Stunning as always! How was the Wenge to work with? Liked that you introduced some new accent wood types. Number two is my favorite. Really like the 3D affect.

Michael Mathews

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Charlie! Wow! I too love the middle one with the 3D window pane effect! That's a killer piece! I think you should do more of this and maybe try one with the "background" of something like Ebony or very dark. Well, maybe try a sample on the bench and see what it looks like. Wow!... Just WOW! I Love these!!


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Awesome - hard to pick a favorite - like the 3D effect of #2, but also the Wenge accents in the first are beautiful. Number 3 is also intriguing.

Endless Pursuit

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It’s all your fault. It started at the NCWW picnic in May of 2014 when you brought some of your work and displayed it. The second I picked up the large vase, took in the detail and felt its lack of heft, I was hooked. Since then I’ve worked like a dog at my real job so that “some day” I would have the time, shop and tools to pursue a similar path to express myself in wood. In the interim I built a nice shop in Ramseur that I built some very nice furniture in. Then work brought me to the coast so I sold my place in Ramseur and moved to our original small 2nd house in Newport and had to put my entire shop into storage while we remodeled and added a shop onto what was to become our new permanent home. That work is done and my shop is almost completely finished. My real job is coming to a planned, pleasant end in June. I will soon have as much time as I choose to combine my previous fundamental skills with my rapidly improving turning knowledge and apply it to segmented work. Stuart Kent sold me a Rikon 70-3040 and I’m loving the machine. I’ve added a couple sanders, a few CBN wheels and some of Doug Thompson’s jewelry to my arsenal and have been busy building sleds and assembly jigs. I’ve a dozen or so perfect rings completed and I’m getting ready to assemble my first simple piece. However, I’ve spent a fair amount of time designing future projects and I have numerous layouts and cut lists completed. All I need is time and that comes in June. forewarned Charlie- I’m gunning for ya!

Beautiful work as usual but the 3D feature ring is my favorite. Even better, I now have a pretty good idea of how you built it!

All the best,
‘Jeff Schmucker


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Jeff, Now you know about the turning "vortex". You just keep getting deeper and deeper. Lol.
But segmenting is such a pleasure. The only limit is your imagination.

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