PFEIL "Swiss Made" Spezial Carver

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A short review follows, but first a minor gloat as I got one of these:

They are still on clearance at WoodCraft:

Here is their description:
This "special" tool is two tools in one! The "L" shape has a 3/8" chisel blending into a No. 8 sweep gouge. Great for quickly shaping work without changing tools. Only 5-1/2" long, it fits nicely into your hand for fine control. Ash wood handle. Presharpened blade.

I have only carved with it a little bit so far, but I really like it. The description is right on about shaping without changing tools. What I find I do where neither is really the perfect tool is taking a few gouges and then smoothing back out with the chisel. Last night I was working on a penguin that one of my kids drew. I was rounding the back and belly to the wings. For a couple of parts of the job, it had the perfect tools - the 8 sweep is just right for the rounded inside corner where the wing juts out and the straight chisel is the right tool for the wing surface. For rounding, I am gouging to remove wood quickly (only takes a little each time but they add up fast and don't dive as easily as the chisel) and using the chisel to clean up the ridges. I like it. I still switched to my fishtail for a lot of the bulk roughing; it doesn't do everything so well as to replace everything else. But I am definitely glad I bought it.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with this tool. I haven't seen it before eitther, but it might just have to go on my "want" list.
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