swiss made

  1. TENdriver

    Boy, That’s Irritating!

    I literally took a single stabbing cut on some white pine. Since I’ve taken a “Wood is Good” mallet and pounded this type of chisel into white oak, I tend to think that this specific (and until now unused) chisel was defective!
  2. bbrown

    phiel/ Swiss Made carving tools

    Anybody know if these ever go on sale? I'm needing to buy a number but they are not cheap. I own many and am willing to trade if anybody has an interest. These are the tools I need/want.... Fishtail: 1/F14, 3/F12, 4/F16, 5/F12, 5/F18 Curved gauges: 2/16, 2/30, 5/35, 5/50, 6/12 Veiner...
  3. CarvedTones

    PFEIL "Swiss Made" Spezial Carver

    A short review follows, but first a minor gloat as I got one of these: They are still on clearance at WoodCraft: Here is their description: I have only carved with it a little bit so far, but I really like...

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