1. gfernandez

    Disappointing woodworking class

    Two years ago I took a woodworking class here in NC with Gregory Paolini and built a bow arm Morris chair. Although there were a few bumps along the way, the main one being he was short an instructor and we all went home with unfinished pieces, it was still a great time and the 6 of us learned a...
  2. Scott Meek

    Check out the 2012 class schedule at Gregory Paolini Design

    The schedule has been released for the GPD Woodworking Academy. There are still a few class descriptions that are missing, but they will be coming soon. Check out the schedule now and be sure to sign up soon for any classes you are hoping to take. I hope to even see some of you in the classes I...
  3. Scott Meek

    We need your help with 2012 classes at Gregory Paolini Design!!

    The Student bench room in our new facility is just about complete, it's almost as large as our entire last shop! Now we're putting the finishing touches on our 2012 class schedule - But we really want to hear from you! If there's a class you're interested, please shoot us an e-mail - Even if...
  4. Joe Scharle

    Gregory Paolini Rule

    Congratulations to Greg for Woodpecker's latest tool :icon_cheers View image in gallery
  5. Asheville Hardware

    Finishing 101 with Fine Woodworking's Gregory Paolini

    There is still two spaces left for the Finishing 101 with Gregory Paolini this coming Saturday. Here is the class description: "Having good finishing skills make all the difference between an OK project and a phenomenal one. In this full day, hands on, finishing workshop, students will learn...
  6. scsmith42

    Kudo's to Gregory Paolini...

    for ANOTHER great article in FWW. I received my latest issue today, and Gregory had written a great review on small routers. It's definitely worth reading. Thanks GP! Scott
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  15. Reluctant Helper

    Reluctant Helper

    Herein is my wife Violeta on the tail-end of my table saw as I split long strips of red cedar. She definately dressed for the occassion.
  16. D

    Dan Gregory -- New Member

    To All: Thanks for creating and managing this site. Thanks for accepting me as a new member. I met Mark Engel today who wasted no time introducing you to me and getting me a link that left me without an excuse for not joining promptly. Way to go Mark! I'm a licensed residential builder...
  17. Partman

    My Gregory Paolini Table

    On Dec 4th & 5th 2010 I attended a class at The WOODWORKER SOURCE. Thanks Rick for the used of your shop. Gregory Paolini showed us how to build his Limbert-Style Coffee table. Thanks Gregory. My mother had been put in hospital with heart trouble. She almost died the week before Christmas, But...
  18. Mike Davis

    Saw a preview of Gregory Paolini's

    New book on google books, I am very much impressed by how well it explains the process of designing and building cabinets. This is a skill I need to polish up on, so... I preordered the book! Can't wait til March to study it from cover to cover. Just hope it doesn't arrive on March 11th...
  19. B

    Gregory Paolini table build class at The Woodworking Source

    The Limbert style coffee table build class at The Woodworking Source this past weekend was a blast! A big thanks goes out to Greg Paolini and Rick Dinardo of The Woodworking Source for putting this event together! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Greg is an outstanding teacher and put all skill...
  20. Bill Clemmons

    Another great article by Gregory Paolini

    Congratulations, Gregory, on another great article in Fine WoodWorking. That's two consecutive issues. The coffee table is really nice, w/ some very interesting joinery. Great job! :eusa_clap Bill

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