Dust collection on Table saw with external motor


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Is there any efficient way to collect dust on a saw like this?

I have an old Darra James. If I drop a collection pan under this with a 4" hose will it help or does the turbulence from the motor, belts and blade make it useless?


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I tried that solution and it was a waste of time and effort. That was the main reason I purchased the Jet cabinet saw plus added easier table to work with.


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This will be a shocking statement to many, but IMO active DC under just about any table saw is not necessary, including a cabinet saw. It requires huge CFM's to really work, which means a dust collection system beyond what most of us have. They say 600CFM but in reality it's closer to 8 or 900 and after ducting, cyclones, etc that's pretty hard to do without a big blower. Even when used, it is of little consequence to air quality. It's basically just preventing dust from building up in the cabinet.

You can passively collect an open table saw with some combination of baffles and a collection bag. Keep it contained underneath & spend your effort on over the blade collection, b/c that is where the most important dust is going to get thrown all over the place. :)

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I used one of those saws for years and never found dust to be a problem like one would find from a contractor's type saw. It blows the dust downward since the lower part of the blade is enclosed in a casting. (see below)
DrBob has some good points.
Occasionally the tilt and raise/lower pins will wear out but those are easily made with an acme tap.


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