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Woodworking can be frustrating! For years, tops in my list of frustrating activities is emptying my dust collector, Actually, emptying the bag is simple - getting the empty bag installed back onto the collector isn't. My collector has some little metal tabs that supposedly hold the bag on the collector while you try to wrap the metal band clamp strap around it. The tabs on my collector went into retirement mode after two months on the job. I've used strong tape (gorilla tape) to secure the bag and that worked but was a royal pain. I tried Stumpy Nubs' method of cutting the bottom of the bag and placing it into a 5 gallon bucket that has a 30 gallon, disposable trash bag placed inside. The system looks great on his web site, but in practice, it was a disaster - at least for me. Once the 5 gallon bag is filled with sawdust, the upper bag begins to fill up. However, before that happens, the sawdust cascades over the sides of the 5 gallon bucket - making the removal of the upper bag next to impossible without getting sawdust all over the floor. I've tried it many times and my success rate was 0%. Maybe you'll have more success if you try it. Another shortcoming that I've found with this method is only being able to fill the original bag halfway. If you use a planer and/or jointer heavily as I do at times, it means emptying the bags three or four times a week. No thanks.

Finally, I found a simple, effective, and very inexpensive way to take the frustration out of this chore. I found these magnets on Amazon that come with a hook built into them.


My thought was to attach the magnets to the walls of the dust collector and punch holes in the dust collector bag and hang it onto the magnet's hooks to hold the bag in position while I installed the band clamp. In practice, I found I didn't need the hooks at all. The magnets were more than strong enough to hold the bag in position all by themselves. However, the hooks were a convenient place to hold the band clamp strap roughly in position until the clamp could be secured. For me, it works a lot better, quicker, and cheaper (about $8) than any other method I've tried. Maybe it will work for you. Here's a link to the magnets. And, if you haven't seen Stumpy's video on his method, here's a link to that.



It may seem like an expensive pain, but getting a dust deputy (or similar separator) and having it empty into an easily dumped 30 or 50 gallon drum is a very worthwhile endeavor... side benefit, your filter stays clean and your suction doesn't fall off.

Because yes, fooling with those band clamps is a pain in the butt. I would always just hold the bag in place with a few pieces of tape while finagling the clamp.

Here is how my DC is currently set up. My garage is 24x24 or so and I do not need ducting as everything can be reached with a 20 ft hose without issue, and I rarely need multiple tools at once.

If someone is around rockingham county I still have 4 or 5 of the quite thick heavy plastic clear DC bags in my shop if they would like to have them.


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Ernie - Great idea on the magnets! I have two identical Grizzly chip collectors bought many years apart. One has the metal tabs and the other doesn't. The metal tabs have actually survived on the one, but I'm going to do your magnet idea on the other one.


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I don't know your setup but I used to use filter bags but I decided they were a health risk. I got better ones but even so, I got fine dust all over the shop when using the bags. My current setup is a super dust deputy to get most of the dust and debris and then I discharge outside. I do not get visible debris on the bushes near the output unless I fail to empty the ~70 gallon bin below the super dust deputy. I do not heat or cool my shop so no problem with discharging air outside. With my previous 1hp DC I put on a cartridge filter. That was far better at removing the dust.

I also had problems with the bag changing when I used them. I'm happy you found a better way.

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