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Is it strong enough to hold pattern made from paneling. I was thinking tape pattern to wood, rough cut at bandsaw, finish off with flush trim bit on the router table. I understand that the more tape you use the greater the holding force, but how much tape should I use? I shop Lowes and Home Depot, which brands of tape should I not buy?

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Michael, if you want to give some a try, come by my work for a free sample. May be a little thicker than you want but it is free. We have gobs of it. And we do waste a little:rotflm:.


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You can get specialty double sided tape at the woodworking store. It's more expensive, but it works great. At Lowe's I get the "duck" brand. Works good too. Don't get the cheapest stuff, it tends to leave gunk on your project.

How much do you need? Just enough so that you don't have to break out the chisel and mallet to separate template from work piece. AKA slightly less than I always use :) It's depends on the materials and type of tape.


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There are a lot of different brands of this. There are permanent ones that you'll never get appart, and ones that fall apart if you blow on them. I've found that almost all of the ones sold at the large box stores are junk, at least for my applications. I've had the best luck with some industrial carpet tapes, but at $16 a roll and case minimums, I have a hard time justifying it. Spectape is my favorite. I look for the cloth tapes that are thicker.

Most of the time I've been using it has been for plastic fabrication, so in those cases I needed the patterns or templates to stick really well because they tend to vibrate loose on the router table. Perhaps I'm too hard on the stuff sold at the box stores, but they seem to lose their tack really quickly if there's any dust in the vacinity.


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Just wondering, could you use some of the spray adhesive? Could be sprayed lightly using just enough to hold the pattern to the piece, should clean up with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol.

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I have had good luck with the one at Lowes, but don't leave it on for more than a day. When putting your pieces together, clamp them for a couple of minutes as that seems to help "bond" them.

I have used double sided tape to bandsaw, pattern route, and sand up to 10 1/4" plywood butterflies for my daughter's birthday party at one time.


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I use a small amount of the double sided carpet tape. Use too much and you'll tear up your pattern and your workpiece getting them apart. DAMHIKT
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