1. CDPeters

    Double stick tape - what do you use?

    OK, so I finally ran out of double-stick tape that I use for temporary attachment of router templates and such. The product I had before was much the same thickness-wise as duck tape and had just the right amount of grip. Unfortunately, I pitched the inner roll cardboard, so I don't know what...
  2. Rob

    Organizing tape measures

    One of the hardest thing for me to keep up with is my tape measures. I have four or five floating around the shop, yet every time I need one, I have to hunt for it. Where do you keep yours? Any suggestions? Pictures are great too.
  3. timf67

    Anyone need some WIDE double sided tape?

    The place I work laminates polishing pad material (honing/stropping) with PSA so that industrial customers can attach the pads to their polishers. We have a couple of small rolls of PSA that we are throwing out. Being the packrat I am, I hate to see stuff get thrown out. There are two rolls...
  4. BrianGeib

    Question: Double Sided Tape

    What brand/type of double-sided tape do you folks use? The stuff that I have isn't wide enough nor sticky enough to secure masonite to plywood. Also, where do you normally get the tape that you use?
  5. Glennbear

    Tape Measure?

    With the continuing torrential rains I have decided to build a large practical project .:wink_smil I do not have a plan per se but using an ancient and well revered text I have obtained dimensions. :wsmile: Unfortunately none of my tapes are marked in CUBITS .:wconfused: Does anyone know where I...
  6. froglips

    Red Tape Ruler....

    Ok, some things are just so cool they defy my ability to keep my mouth shut. :kermit: http://redtape1.com Yes, I plan to order a roll or two. No, I have no idea why. As The Bas so eloquently says, "I don't need it. I just want it." Here is a review as well, for those who aren't...
  7. Matt Schnurbusch

    Golfers grip tape

    There was just a post on double sided tape, but it is closed now. Has anyone ever tried grip tape for patterns and such? I didn't pick up a roll yet because I still have plenty double sided tape, and haven't been using much. But grip tape is relatively cheap, and comes in several different...
  8. F

    Double Sided Tape

    Is it strong enough to hold pattern made from paneling. I was thinking tape pattern to wood, rough cut at bandsaw, finish off with flush trim bit on the router table. I understand that the more tape you use the greater the holding force, but how much tape should I use? I shop Lowes and Home...
  9. SteveHall

    Red Tape (clear adhesive measuring tape)

    I don't think I've seen a product exactly like this before: http://www.redtape1.com Think Scotch Tape with measuring markings printed on it for $6.50 a 55 foot roll.
  10. A

    New Painter's Tape

    Has anyone tried "Frog Tape," painter's tape by Shurtape? Check out the video in Why Frog Tape Works. A NC company.
  11. Don Sorensen

    Painter's Tape Experiment and gloat

    There's an upside to being unemployed - I got to try out this "Painter's Tape" method and make some sawdust in the mean time. And I really like using the painter's tape - thanks to all that mentioned/recommended it. It's called "Nature's Majesty" from White Tail Designs - I found it in the...
  12. Painter's Tape Pays off

    Painter's Tape Pays off

    It was so easy to peal that pattern off, especially around the finer cuts.
  13. cskipper

    Painter's tape

    I told folks at the Hickory show that I use painters tape on the pieces I am cutting. I was using the "delicate" super easy removable tape (it's a lighter blue than the regular tape). Well, I ran out and used some of the regular blue tape and thought I would never get it off a pretty delicate...
  14. WoodWrangler

    Talking Tape Measure???

    From a friend of mine ... is there such a thing as a talking tape measure?? Begin quote ... My uncle has had a major vision impairment, so much so that he cannot see straight ahead. He has peripheral vision, and distance vision., and gets around pretty good, but he was quite the woodworker...
  15. timsparents

    in addition to dbl sided tape...

    As a brief add-on to my comments about double sided tape, I'd like to share that there are times that a simple hot glue gun is useful for temporarily holding pieces together for marking, lining up holes, etc. As well, I use spray adhesive when attaching a drawing of a shape (either hand drawn...
  16. timsparents

    Double sided (carpet) tape

    Just thought I'd throw my first tip in because when I logged on this AM I got a message reminding me that I hadn't contributed to a forum in two weeks and gently nudging me to do so! I liked the reminder. For those of you who haven't yet discovered it, double sided tape is one of the handiest...

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