1. H

    Compressor/Nailer Combo kits - Opinion on brands?

    So I have some trim work to do both at home and for a friend. Seems like a compressor/nailer kit is in my future. That cash outlay will eat up what my friend will pay me to finish his trim work (if I had a regular job I'd do it for free). Seems the major brands are priced similarly...
  2. pslamp32

    Different brands?

    If I run out of one brand of water-based polyacrylic can I use another for further coats or should I go back to the store to get more of the same? Also, can you use water-based over oil-based and vice verse? Thanks!
  3. WoodWrangler

    Face Shield Brands & Recommendations

    Monday I made a trip down to Roger (timsparents) shop in Marvin, NC. While there I noticed his full face shield with dust and ear protection. It was hooked to a motorized system to keep air flowing. While I don't remember the brand, this is something that is probably a good investment for all...
  4. J

    Klingspor- 10% off B&D brands

    Went to Klingspor's on Thur. They have a large sign stating 10% off DeWalt, PC, and Delta through Sept. 30. Now is the time!
  5. JimThomasson

    New tool brands: WORX, HEMI .. good article Interesting article on some new .... and old ... tool brands hitting the market.

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