Bowl Turning?!%&*#

David Turner

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So I got tired of working on period furniture and decided to turn a few bowls. That has always been a fun change of pace. Chucked up a 9" round walnut blank and tried out my new Pinnacle 1/2" bowl gouge. On turning the blank round two catches. On facing off the bottom, one large catch. Forgot everything I ever learned. I guess if you don't use it, your forget how. Yes, I am talking about turning. Got out my round carbide tool and preceded to make a bowl. Frustrating. Think I will go back to the period furniture.
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Mike Davis

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If I haven't turned in a while (6 months during and after surgery ) I chuck up a piece of pine and practice my cuts with all my tools until I think I'm ready to go at the real thing. Helps me get ready mentally and retrain muscle memory. If you can get a clean cut on pine you can turn anything.


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Yup know the feeling June/July was the last time I turned anything, thinking Ill have to do back and practice up again

Ed Fasano

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Was the new Pinnacle bowl gouge truly sharp? New does not mean sharp. New doesn't even mean correctly ground.
These comments come from a slow learner and were hard-learned lessons.
Moreover, I like and agree with what Mike Davis wrote. I think this is good advice for casual turners, even if you you turned a few days ago.

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