1. W

    Help - Gravel driveway and weed control

    I’m sure there are a couple of members out there with a gravel driveway. I was hoping some of you can share secrets to controlling weed growth in the driveway. I know Roundup is probably the easiest solution, but I would like to also prevent weeds from growing. I am not too knowledgeable with...
  2. sawduster

    Some weed pots

    Just gettin some seat time turning weed pots for Tracy . Did these over the last 2 weekends . I still tend to shy away from the deep grooves and sharp transitions because I hate trying to sand them clean ! :BangHead: :gar-La; Cherry, poplar and cedar .....milled my own blanks from log sections...
  3. mkepke

    Review - Lehr Propane-powered weed wacker

    I needed a new string trimmer and opted for the Lehr ST025DC. This is a novel trimmer since its combustion engine is powered by PROPANE. It uses the little 16 oz camping canisters available everywhere. Lehr makes four models, all identical except they come with either a curved shaft or...
  4. PChristy

    Addition to a weed pot

    I turned this a few weeks ago from one that I messed up while turning it - It got out of round some how :dontknow: So instead of throwing it away I drilled and tap the bottom and was planning on making a bottle stopper out of it - but came up with this instead - I have already posted a picture...
  5. Mark Stewart

    Weed pots

    Hi there folks. Iwas remembering somewhere here I saw something about weed pots. this is along and sad story so Ill just hit the highlights. My neighbor growing up has recently been admitted to the local nursing home. She was just like another grandmother to me. You know the type sliding...
  6. PChristy

    A few glued up weed pots

    A friend of mine said that she wanted some of these and so far I have these BW _ Cherry - Ash
  7. TracyP

    Picnic Weed Pots For the Elderly

    How many weed pots can we collect at the picnic? There have been several threads posted by me in reference to Weed Pots for our respected seniors in the local nursing homes in and around Rowan County. I really do not care which county these find their way to. The idea is to provide the...
  8. TracyP

    Weed Pots for the first Nursing Home Done

    The overwhelming response to this thread http://ncwoodworker.net/forums/f32/attention-all-north-carolina-woodworker-turners-help-requested-21111/ will soon be realized in a nursing home in Rowan County. I have collected an awesome 41 weed pots for my Mother-in-Law to deliver on Wednesday of...
  9. G

    bud vase / Weed Pot?

    My latest turning. All comments are appreciated.It is Made out of ash.
  10. more turnings

    more turnings

    rosewood weed pot
  11. DaveO

    Weed pot

    After finishing the chalkboard table and delivering it, I felt like adding to the ever growing pile of shavings underneath my lathe. I decided a 3" x 3" x 14" piece of Walnut should become a weed pot. Here is the outcome - Throw in a few Zinnias from the garden and you have something...
  12. FredP

    weed table

    mahogony and granite. tapered legs. that granite was hard cuttin with just a skill saw and diamond blade. got a little chipout but all in all not bad.:-)

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