1. Table lamp upgrade - new Walnut base

    Table lamp upgrade - new Walnut base

    two squares cut from same scrap walnut board-end; inset turned into base. TiteBond II used for adhesive between parts.
  2. Table lamp upgrade - new Walnut base

    Table lamp upgrade - new Walnut base

    Garage sale table lamp ($2), broken base; new walnut base made up.
  3. S

    Bed finish suggestions

    I am going to make a bed out of black walnut and another wood that I haven't determined yet. Something that is contrasting, but not wildly contrasting. Maybe a white oak, cypress or maple. I am open to opinions on this. I've never worked with much for hardwoods before and I am wondering your...
  4. New Walnut Desk

    New Walnut Desk

    New Walnut Desk
  5. D

    Walnut crotch wood scoop

    I was at my sister's place for Christmas and noticed her ice cream scoop was an old aluminum one. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I have taken it upon myself to remedy that problem. The overall length is 10". Finish is sanding to 2000 grit, then coated with Lin-Speed gunstock finish...
  6. C

    Blowing Leaves

    I’d had the idea for this one bouncing around for most the past year, finally got around to it this December. Originally I was thinking I might try taking it to a local store to sell, but it had a few more flaws than I was happy with for that situation, and I had no other ideas for my mother’s...
  7. D

    Walnut crotch wood platter

    8 3/8" diameter, 1 1/4" height, finished to 3000 grit, and at the time of this photo, one coat of Minwax Tung Oil finish. Took me 6 hours to turn, sand and finish this piece. The decorations are courtesy of the guest speaker (Frank B. Penta) we had at our Woodturner's meeting last Tuesday...
  8. walnut_bench_21


  9. walnut_bench1


  10. Black Walnut Blanket Chest

    Black Walnut Blanket Chest

    Dovetailed blanket chest made from locally sourced NC black walnut.
  11. Rick M

    Makin' toys with scraps (spinning tops)

    Made from odd bits of scrap walnut and dowel. The discs are around an inch or so in diameter, 2 are finished with mineral oil and 2 with BLO. Tricky working on stuff this small even with midi size tools but it’s good practice. 3 of 4 spin nicely. The 4th (frontmost in top pic) broke off the...
  12. Boxes3


    Walnut and Bird's Eye Maple Octagonal Box and Matching Long Box with Inlay Susan Schultz Cassatt, SC
  13. walnut display cabinet

    walnut display cabinet

    walnut display cabinet for collectibles. this is from a plan in wood magazine #185
  14. C

    Walnut and Wenge Recurve bow

    Finished this one up this past weekend, it'll ship out to a friend over in the Netherlands once I get the case for it built. Curly English Walnut and Wenge wasn't a wood choice I'd have picked my, but it turned out to be a great mix. Draws about 40# @ 28". Riser profile was cut on the bandsaw...
  15. G

    Rough Cut Walnut and 2 pieces hard pine for stair treads & other workshop items

    I am emptying out a workshop and looking for the best place and manner to sell everything in it. I could use some help in knowing how to price some of the items and then I could use help knowing where and how to post items to sell. My apologies if I'm using incorrect online etiquette. I am in...
  16. G

    Hardwood and other workshop items

    I am cleaning out a basement workshop of equipment, tools, hardware, and lumber and not sure where to sell it (I am not the woodworker). Specifically with the lumber, I believe I have walnut and oak. I have 17 pieces of walnut (total of 77.85 bd ft) and 2 pieces of oak (total of 11.14 bd ft)...
  17. D

    Just a little square walnut bowl

    I turned and finished this little fella in about 4 hours yesterday. It was good therapy and cheaper than seeing a Shrink! The top is 4 3/8" square. Height is 2 1/8". Polished to 2000 grit. Finish is.....(wait for it.......) Walnut oil !
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  19. IMG_05307


  20. IMG_05296


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