1. Artisan Pirate

    A Day In Jerry Measimer's Shop

    I had a great time with my friends Sam and Michael yesterday at my friend's Jerry Measimers Shop! Jerry opened up shop yesterday morning for us of the @northcarolinawoodworker and was happy to teach and show off skills on the lathe. Jerry is mostly known for the Wood Turned Cowboy hats and...
  2. M

    Treadle Lathe

    Originally posted in Turning, but I think Hand Tools is more appropriate. ———— I built this gnarly treadle lathe from Roy Underhill’s “Lathe from a Loft” article in a past issue of Popular Woodworking. I dismantled the kids’ old playset early this summer and repurposed some of the wood to...
  3. walnutjerry

    Using Epoxy

    I have been turning a lot of spalted maple in the past year and some of the material was riddled with worm holes, tunnels or however you wish to label it. I have used the 5 minute epoxy from Lowes to dye and fill the voids. As many as I have I need to find a more economical source for epoxy...
  4. W

    First piece complete

    I want to give a big thank you to Michael Mathews for his assistance and advice in completing my first wood turned piece. I have done very little turning - nothing from beginning to end. I completed work on a baseball bat I have worked on for a few weeks now. This bat will strictly be a...
  5. Sam Knight

    Pecan lidded bowl

    This was an Anniversary gift I made for the wife. She loved it. Spalted pecan with mating lid made from 1 piece.
  6. Cedar end grain bowl

    Cedar end grain bowl

    This was an experiment. Cedar end grain bowl turned.
  7. W

    Received a Free Lathe

    So my father mentioned his buddy was willing to part ways with his lathe. He didn't mention any specifics but I visited VA this weekend and picked up a functioning secondhand tool. Honestly I never thought I would have a lathe, but now my possibilities for design include wood turning. I do not...
  8. Round Vessel

    Round Vessel

  9. Round Vessel

    Round Vessel

  10. B

    Where to buy spindle turning blanks

    Hello, I wanted to get some opinions on places (local or online) to buy domestic/exotic kiln-dried spindle blanks. I have bought quite a few from the Raleigh Woodcraft, almost all fully encased in wax and most with MC above 20%. I am wanting to find a place that sells blanks that are already...
  11. Sam Knight

    Valentine's Vase and flowers

    Here was the Valentine's gift I made for my wife. It was my first time making a tulip or vase. The tulips were made after I watched Carl Jacobson's video. Summary of what I did was. -Drill 3/4" hole about 3/4 of the way through the block and a 1/4" hole on the other. -On the bandsaw cut a...
  12. Sam Knight

    2nd attempt at a goblet

    Here is the 2nd goblet I've made to date. It was turned from an old piece of cedar given to me by a friend. An inclusion in the base was left in it due to the shape of the log. Thought about cutting it off and turning a separate piece then gluing them together but the wife said she liked it...
  13. Sam Knight

    My first try at a goblet.

    Hi all. Had a Bradford Pear tree blow over from the storm last week so I cut it up and used a section to make my first goblet. Another first is the captive ring. Saw some turnings by Mike Mathews that had captive rings and wanted to try it myself. Used Capt'n Eddie's "Shine Juice" on it then...
  14. CommGuy107

    Free Turning Videos (for now)

    I've been enjoying the "Woodturning with Tim Yoder" videos. Popular Woodworking Magazine made all 24 Season 1 videos free to stream as they promote Season 2. Tim works with both traditional and carbide tools and has a fun personality, so when you aren't learning something, you can simply...
  15. CommGuy107

    A Couple of Great Books

    Just picked up a couple of new (well...new to ME) books this week. The first, "Bandsaw Handbook" by Mark Duginske is crammed full of useful information on setup, techniques, safety, and even projects for any bandsaw owner. I could easily recommend it to any woodworker - not just for the...
  16. CommGuy107

    Charlie's Segmented Turning Workshop

    A huge - make that HUGE - thank you to Charlie for his Segmented Turning Workshop. The workshop - for those who have attended - is probably one of the most friendly and informative woodworking sessions around. For those who have never been...you're missing out! Charlie is a gracious host, and...
  17. Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Dakota "Turning some more money!"
  18. Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Dakota is "The" professional turner in the family (and an award wining turner too!)
  19. Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Learning from the captured ring masters!
  20. Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Klingspore Asheville Grand Opening

    Nettie turning some bell ornaments

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