1. JackLeg

    Best Way to Straight Line?

    I have some oak boards that I have planed. The edges are not exactly straight, and I need them to be. I don't have a working jointer. :nah: What's the best way to get one edge straight so I can then run that edge against my table saw fence and wind up with both edges straight? Is that...
  2. Tarhead

    36" Steel Straight Edge on Clearance at Hartville Tool

    Killer deal. .0015" out to 36". They told me they were going like water so jump now or whine later:
  3. G

    Straight rip fence

    On my Delta saw I used the miter gauge that came with the saw and placed a speed square on it to check to see if the rip fence was straight and it wasn't. It appears that the back end was about 1/16 to 1/8 further left than the front end when the fence is locked down. I tried to adjust the...
  4. Outa Square

    Southeast Tool $1 1/4" double fluted straight router bit

    Check this out... Carbide Processors is selling 1/4" shank 1/4" cutting diameter carbide tip router bits made by Southeast Tool for $1 w/ free shipping. Limit 1 per customer. There are only 50 total available at this price. Here is the link for the deal...
  5. gdoebs

    New jointer - spiral or straight?

    I've been joking with my wife that I want to buy a Grizzly G0609 12" Parallelogram jointer for Christmas. She always kinda laughed at me...until this last weekend. I mentioned getting something else instead and she said "I thought you were getting that new jointer."! :tool: So I guess it's as...
  6. DaveO

    Turning a straight spindle???

    How do y'all go about it? I was turning some ¾" dowels today, about 9-12" long. Started with square stock, rounded with a roughing gouge. Parted down to the desired diameter at both ends. Then finished turned to size with a 1" skew. They looked straight, but after sanding I realized that I had...
  7. JRD

    Turner Goes Straight

    Trying to go straight. After starting woodworking as a turner, a friend's wife commissioned something different. I was very pleased with the result and want to hear what you think. Criticisms, Comments, etc. All are welcome. Cross is Red Oak, circle is Maple with ERC inlay. Now comes the...
  8. D

    straight edge

    Wondering what most of you use regularly as a straight edge. Thinking of buying either a Starrett or one of the Veritas ones. But wondering if that money is better spent on something less. Veritas has the aluminum ones that are certainly reasonable, but wondering about accuracy long term...
  9. bman

    ??? straight or twist

    hey guys which is better for plowing groves with a router a straight bit or a spiral up cut already have my beginning and ending pilot holes looking for the smoothest sides this is in MDF (i would think the spiral ) barry
  10. Jim Murphy

    Straight square table legs

    I am being asked to make the understructure for a marble table top. The requestor is adamant that the legs be straight and square. No taper, no bead, no flutes, no detail. IMHO, that's ugly. But then again, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then taste is in the mouth of the requestor...
  11. jglord

    Inexpensive straight edge

    While working in Bill Anderson's beautiful shop during a hand planing class, we used some aluminum straight edges. They seemed to work well. The tip is he purchased an 8 foot length of aluminum bar stock from his local BORG. Cut a 4', 2' 18", and 6" piece, filed the cuts, and drilled a hole...
  12. L

    Question about rabbet router bit vs straight bit

    I am in the process of setting up to make a large number of cabinet drawers. When it comes to cutting the rabbet cut (1/4") for the drawer bottom I would like to set up my router table to make all these cuts leaving my tablesaw set up for straight cuts, kind of like a production line. I have a...
  13. JohnW

    Need a "straight" answer

    I'm needing a 24" straight edge (minimum length) for precision alignment of the fret board and frets on my guitar. Woodcraft sells the Pinnacle 24" unit for $90.00. ($190.00 for 48") I've seen other brands for more and some for less.... Not ever using one of these "high precision edges" I...
  14. H

    Straight Edge Guide for Hitachi Hitachi KM12VC?

    I'm seaching for a straight-edge guide for a Hitachi KM12VC router kit that I'm looking at. It's the kit with both fixed and plunge bases. Would be nice to find an edge guide made by Hitachi, but I'm not having any luck. Anyone know of a guide that may work in this model...
  15. hannah01

    Straight Router Bit Set--Peachtree WW

    Straight Bit set 50% off and/or a height gauge. ED120106 E-Direct Special Offer
  16. C

    Rikon 10-345 Bandsaw...Setting the Record Straight

    I have attached a few pics showing the upper wheel tensioning assembly for the new Rikon 10-345 18 inch bandsaw. I had noticed that it is very difficult to tension/track the upper wheel with any repeatability at all. Rikon tech support has been very helpful, but, I believe they unlocked the...
  17. DaveO

    Free hand routing w/ straight edge

    When routing a daddo with a single straight edge like a Clamp-n-guide, what is the best side to run the router on. I would think that the router would have the tendency to pull to one side, and that would be the side to have the guide on. Dave:-)

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