1. The first step - cut the driveway

    The first step - cut the driveway

    Didn't have skid steer, so we slowly and painfully made our way with a pretty decent backhoe to cut about 300' of driveway. Thanks to Bob for the machine and the backhoe work.
  2. Trusses installed

    Trusses installed

    We selected the hottest day of the year (literally) in July to set the trusses. It nearly killed us. These trusses are straight, plumb, and parallel along their entire length. If you know how flimsy they can be out-of-plane, you'll recognize what a feat that was. Thanks again to Joey for...
  3. More string lines

    More string lines

    Actually we call them Beck lines now. My friend Joey was fanatical about everything being straight - more SLOW time.
  4. Steel plates to secure beams to posts

    Steel plates to secure beams to posts

    Cut the steel and made the holes with a plasma cutter. Then had to match drill all holes through (3) 2 x 12s and what was left of 6 x 6 after notching. Since what was left was so small, I used the steel plates.
  5. Sheathing going up

    Sheathing going up

  6. Better view of studs and details

    Better view of studs and details

    Eight foot wide opening at left of pic is for front doors.
  7. Trusses are here

    Trusses are here

  8. Shear walls

    Shear walls

    Corner walls are built as shear walls to help stabilize the building and reduce movement.
  9. 2 x 6 studs

    2 x 6 studs

    Studs (at back of building) weren't permitted to touch the slab (as in conventional construction with a sill plate), so we held them off what would be the floor by 6". If they were to bear on the floor and the floor heaved from frost, they would jack up the building. The studs are to...
  10. A wee dram

    A wee dram

    A well-deserved reward - purlins are up.
  11. String lines

    String lines

    Lots of measurement and verification for all aspects. There's a time to go fast and a time to go slow. This is the SLOW part. All poles are plumb, equidistant, with notches on the same plane.
  12. Lots of diagonal bracing

    Lots of diagonal bracing

    6 x 6 poles with 2 x 12 band boards. My neighbor has a great view of the whole show.
  13. Poles are all planted

    Poles are all planted

    Now they just need water and fertilizer
  14. SteveColes

    What mobile devices do you want to use with this site.

    We are looking at the possibility of NCWW specific mobile apps to access this site. If we do and in order to help set priorities. Please participate in this poll
  15. Gotcha6

    Site Clock

    I've noticed when I open the site Main Page and I'm not logged in that the site clock is 1 hour fast on all the post log info data. Once I log in it corrects itself. Is this normal?
  16. S

    New to site

    Just moved to Virginia and getting into scroll sawing....hope to learn a lot from everyone out there!
  17. A

    Woodworking in America 2012 site selection UPDATE

    I got this email from PWW today: "Help us break a four-way tie! It's been a month since the Woodworking in America 2011 conference was held in Greater Cincinnati, and we've already begun to plan for WIA 2012. Two weeks ago, we asked for your input on where to hold the next Woodworking in...
  18. R

    Need site URL changed

    I'm the webmaster for the TWA website. The TWA website has changed to a new URL and I'd like for your site to reference the new site. The new URL is If you could please change this link or let me know how I can take care of it...thanks so much for your help.
  19. CDPeters

    Site Issues?

    Maybe it's just me, but I seem to be getting alot of errors today: tcp_Error - internal server error Error 503 - Service Temporarily Unavailable Error 500
  20. Bigdog72

    Site loading slowly

    Site is taking 45-60 seconds to load. Seems to be hanging on "Google". Any one else having issues?

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