1. T

    Using/renting time at a Lathe in or around Wake County

    Hello all, I have a bit of turning experience working with my grandfather in Virginia, and I was hoping to work on a project or two here in NC. However, my searches for open workshops have turned up fairly short in terms of cost and access (*See below) So, I decided I would ask the...
  2. N

    Need a hand plane knob

    I am fixing up an old Craftsman hand plane (3cbb) I bought some time ago. It's currently missing the front knob. I would be happy buying one if anyone can easily make one - OR - since I'm still learning (and don't own a lathe), I'd love to come watch and learn some lathe stuff. I live in Apex...
  3. E

    Best custom wood working shops in North Carolina?

    Hello, I was told to come post this here from the folks over at the LumberJock forum. Pardon me if this is in the wrong area but I am working on a medium sized apartment complex renovation and need a bit of advice. I need 58 custom table tops & nightstands built for this project. I have all of...
  4. J

    Recommendations for Milling near RTP/Durham

    Hello, My neighbor and I have 3 great looking urban red maple logs between 13" and 25" in diameter. They have some spalting so we would like to have them milled and kiln dried. Can anyone recommend or offer services for milling these logs and kiln drying them near the Research Triangle...
  5. Stuart Kent

    Design Class November 15, Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh

    Good Morning All, We will meet at Scott Smith's shop in Raleigh at 9:00 am, and will conclude around 4:00 pm. There are still a few seats available so anyone interested please contact me by email: stuart@stuartkent.com The day will consist of a 3 hour morning class, lunch, and a 2 hour design...
  6. SOFsawmill

    Sawmill in Durham

    Hi Everyone, I’m a sawyer in Durham County. I enjoy milling lumber on my portable sawmill and I have been learning the art of being a sawyer for a couple years now. I enjoy the challenges each log brings and the satisfaction from making unique and usable lumber. I am a portable sawmill...
  7. M

    WANTED: Woodworker in or near Raleigh

    I have a thin wood panel (white hardboard) that I need cut into perfect circles of a few different diameters. I will most likely need this service on an ongoing basis, but I first have to do some testing with this initial set of circles/disks. If you have the right equipment to cut wood panels...
  8. D

    Milled kd red oak on Raleigh craigslist

    red oak not mine, but I think it's the same guy I got some nice cherry from, and it's hard to argue with the price. He also has an ad for 75 bd ft.
  9. J

    Raleigh Habitat Reuse Store Deals

    Today, I was in the Raleigh Habitat Reuse store, and saw the following: Work station tops, 32" X 72", 1 1/4" thick melamine coated $20,) and folding tables $15 - $25. Tables are in POOR condition, but leg sets are the heavier ones, and in good condition. Leg sets make a great base for break down...
  10. S

    PE request: Raleigh to Little Washington

  11. D

    Mini Ligno moisture meter - Raleigh CL

    not mine, great deal if in working condition: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/ele/2744748433.html I've got the same meter and am very happy with it update: the original price on the ad was $7. They must have figured out that was a good buy because they raised the price to $40. Still decent but...
  12. S

    New to the area...

    At least our company is! Anchor Hardwoods & Cape Fear Riverwood is located at 6716 Old Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC 27616. (We also have a store in Wilmington, NC) We are finally settled into our new "home" and traffic is not up to par just yet. We need your help!!! Anyone who has done...
  13. Gary_C

    Hello from Raleigh

    Hello everybody...just found this group and glad I found it. I'm a complete newbie at woodworking. Since I'm so green you can bet I'll be lurking, reading and asking lots of questions! I joined the TechShop in Raleigh that gives me access to a complete woodshop (and lots of other resources as...
  14. Bigdog72

    Raleigh Saw

    Does anyone have a price list from Raleigh Saw for 10" saw blade sharpening ? TIA!
  15. C

    Coop shop space in Raleigh

    I looked at AMAZING SPACE in the boylan heights area in Raleigh. not sure how big the space is, the info of the tools is on CL. THe guy was really nice, he has a shop bot, and tons of super heavy duty pro equipment. My loss that right now I can;t swing the time and/or the cash to make it work...
  16. zapdafish

    Raleigh to Charlotte ( both ways )

    I have a possible trade taking place, a benchtop mortiser for a spinde sander. Not quite sure on the size of the sander yet. The mortiser would be headed to Charlotte and the sander headed back to Raleigh. Thanks..Steve
  17. J

    I need a portable sawmill service near Raleigh

    I have gotten my hands on a gold mine of white and red oak (and a few others possibly) on a buddy's property in Wendell, NC (just east of Raleigh in Wake Co.). The trees are too big for me to be able to transport to the one mill I have been to before. Does anybody know of someone with a...
  18. Mike Camp

    Paging Sully - 15" Crescent Jointer on Raleigh CL

    Not mine. Looks like it is fully rusted and ready for restoration, but I must say the paint doesn't look all that bad from the picture. Not sure if the price is good or not, but I don't see these pop up on craigslist very often. Crescent 15" Joiner - $700 (Youngsville) 3 phase built-in...
  19. Canuck

    DeWalt DW788 listed on Raleigh CL

    Not a bad deal.......... http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2674063153.html DeWalt DW788 Variable-Speed Scroll Saw - $250 (Hillsborough NC) Date: 2011-10-28, 5:55PM EDT Reply to: sale-xbefc-2674063153@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Excellent condition with little use. Need...
  20. D

    Rikon 10-345 at Raleigh Woodcraft

    I was there yesterday and both the 14 and 18" Rikon's were on sale. I think the big one was under $1100, but call to check before you make the trip. The 14" was $799, I think. Great buys if you can snag one.

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