1. N

    Rubio Monocoat or No?

    I am building a kitchen table with quartersawn white oak and considering purchasing and using Rubio Monocoat to finish it. I have a full time job with 2 kids and limited time in the shop to build furniture for my family. I know Rubio is expensive but my time with my family is more valuable than...
  2. M

    Pecan Lumber

    If anyone is interested I've been milling some 6 and 8/4 Pecan slabs between 12" and 30" wide. Also have a bunch of 12/4 Quartersawn from 5"-10" wide and by the end of the weekend should have a dozen or so 13" wide 4/4 Quartersawn boards.
  3. S

    Quarter sawn white oak

    I'm new to this forum and am not a woodworker- but I'm having trouble finding information and was hoping someone might be able to help! I have 3 large white oak trees on my property that need to come down due to being too close to the house. We have a neighbor with a portable mill who says the...
  4. Quartersawn red oak

    Quartersawn red oak

    Quartersawn red oak purchased from Scott at Quartersawnoak.com
  5. Arts & Crafts Frame for Stained Glass Panel

    Arts & Crafts Frame for Stained Glass Panel

  6. Arts & Crafts Frame for Stained Glass Panel

    Arts & Crafts Frame for Stained Glass Panel

  7. Arts & Crafts Frame for Stained Glass Panel

    Arts & Crafts Frame for Stained Glass Panel

    Quartersawn white oak, LED backlight by www.photoglow.com, Cabot dark walnut oil based stain (2 coats over 2 days), Watco walnut Danish oil. Drawbored mortise & tenon joints. Through tenon on top. Christmas gift for my wife, 2012.
  8. optimist

    veneer over quartersawn

    I'm building a large round table out of cherry. I found a pretty good deal on some quartersawn cherry that won't break my budget (too badly anyway). I'd originally dismissed the idea of doing any contrasting veneering to the top - like a medallion in the center or banding ("tiger" maple?)...
  9. J

    Looking for QS Walnut

    Does anyone know of a Raleigh/Durham local resource for quartersawn walnut? I'm also interested in other QS hardwoods (but not oak!).
  10. L

    Quartersawn oak plywood

    I'm a newbie, located in Hendersonville, about half way between Asheville and Greenville, SC, and I'm looking for a source of quartersawn oak plywood. Any suggestions? I'm not a volume used, just 2 or 3 sheets at a time.
  11. R

    Quartersawn white oak

    I have 100 - 120 bf ... mostly 12 foot lengths, 3.5 and 6 inch widths. All surfaced 3/4" thick and sanded one side. Very nice stuff. $350 or best offer
  12. T

    Looking for a source for quartersawn live oak

    Hey all, I got 1 board of live oak a while ago out of a guy's back pasture pile... I finally got around to cleaning it up and like what I am seeing so far..... Unfortunately, I don't think I can get any more from him... It was mostly rotten and buggy... and he got a real day job and started...
  13. T

    Want a finish to pop the grain in QS Red Oak

    Hey all, My next guitar project is going to be another small body acoustic. Back and sides will be QS red oak I resawed out of a larger board. I am looking for finishing suggestions for really popping the ray flecks and the grain/color in the wood. I want to be able to see it from a...
  14. L

    Red Oak (some quartersawn) Greensboro CL

    Looks good? (not an oak fan): not me... Rough Cut Red Oak Lumber (~half is) Quarter Sawn 4/4 - $320 (Stokesdale) Reply to: sale-836298599@craigslist.org [?] Date: 2008-09-11, 7:15AM

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